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The Happy Prince Introduction


The Happy Prince was a beautiful statue. This statue was on a tall pillar. The prince was covered with gold. There were two sapphires in place of his eyes. He had a ruby in his sword hilt. He could see all around the city. When he was alive, he lived in a palace. He was always happy. He had not seen the miseries of life. But now he could see miseries around him. He saw the hungry and the homeless. He was very sad. He was filled with pity. One day, a swallow came there. He saw the prince in tears.
The prince told him that he wanted to help the poor and sad people. He sent his ruby and the sapphires of his eyes to the poor people. Now he was blind. He sent his gold also. Now he looked ugly. The swallow began to love the prince. The winter came but the swallow did not go away. He lived with the prince. One day, the swallow died. This broke the leaden heart of the statue. The statue was no longer beautiful. It was melted in a furnace.
But the leaden heart did not melt. It was thrown in the dust heap. The dead swallow was also lying there. God sent one of his angels to bring the two most precious things. He took the dead swallow and the leaden heart to God. Both these things were really fit for paradise.

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(प्रसन्न राजकुमार एक सुन्दर मूर्ति था । यह मूर्ति एक ऊँचे स्तंभ पर थी । राजकुमार सोने से ढका हुआ था ।  पाने हो ढका हुआ या । उसकी आँखों के स्थान पर दो नीलम थे । उसकी तलवार की मूठ में एक मणिक था । है वह शहर के चारों ओर देख सकता था । जब वह जीवित था तो एक महल में रहता था । वह सदा प्रसन्न था । उसने जीवन के कष्टों को नहीं देखा था । मगर अब बह अपने चारों ओर दु:खों को देख सकता था । उसने भूखे और बेघर लोगों को देखा।
यह बहुत उदास हुआ । वह करुणा से भर गया । एक दिन वहाँ एक अबाबील आई । उसने राजकुमार को रोते हुए देखा । राजकुमार ने उसे बताया कि वह गरीब और उदास लोगों की सहायता करना चाहता है । उसने अपना मणिक और आँखों के नीलम गरीब लोगों के पास भेज दिए । अब वह अंधा हो गया था उसने अपना सोना भी भेज दिया । अब वह भद्दा लगता था । अबाबील ने राजकुमार से प्यार  करना आरंभ कर दिया । सर्दी आ गई , मगर अबाबील वहाँ से नहीं गई । वह राजकुमार के पास रही । एक दिन अबाबील मर गई । इससे राजकुमार का सीसे का दिल टूट गया । अब मूर्ति सुंदर नहीं रही थी ।
इसे    एक भट्टी में पिघला दिया गया । मगर सीसे का दिल नहीं पिघला । इसे कूड़े के ढेर पर फेंक दिया गया ।मरी हुई अबाबील  भी वहीँ पड़ी थी । भगवान ने अपने एक फरिश्ते को दो सबसे महत्वपूर्ण वस्तुएं लाने को कहा । अबाबील तथा राजकुमार का सीसे का दिल भगवान के पास ले आया । ये दोनों वस्तुएं सचमुच स्वर्ग के लिए उचित थीं

The Happy Prince Introduction

“The Happy Prince” is the story about a beautifully decorated statue of a prince who lived a very happy life. He learnt about sorrow after his death, when his statue was placed at a high point from where the misery of the entire city could be seen. Moved by the plight of the poor, the Happy Prince gave away all his possessions to the needy with the help of a kind swallow. This compassionate bird sacrificed his life for the noble cause of the Prince.

The Happy Prince Title

The title of the story, “The Happy Prince”, presents its elements in a symbolic manner. The story is about a prince who used to be happy when he was alive. However, he is very sad after he is placed atop a column as a statue. The prince appeared to be happy only because he knew nothing of life outside of his palace.
Only after he died and became a statue did he learn of the people’s suffering and the disparity between the rich and the poor. He now sought happiness by sacrificing himself for the happiness of others. The title thus aptly suggests that the outward happiness of the prince is symbolic of the superficial joys in life. Real happiness lies in having a compassionate heart.

The Happy Prince Title (2) :

The statue of the Happy Prince is adorned with gold and precious stones. The Happy Prince gets happiness by distributing the jewellery to the poor of the city. The swallow helps him to carry out his task. The Prince who was crying when the swallow met him, now feels happy that he has been able to make a number of poor people happy around the city. So the title ‘Happy Prince’ is apt. It is about the inner or real happiness of the prince at the cost of his out happiness.

The Happy Prince Theme

The story is an allegory. It is based on the theme that love and sacrifice are important values in human life and happiness comes to those who make others happy. Those who have compassion and concern get as much joy as those who receive their kindness and charity. Hence, one must try to live a life guided by the virtues of love, sacrifice, benevolence and joy.

The Happy Prince Theme (2) :

This story highlights the three themes. The first theme is that spiritual beauty or inner beauty is more important than outward beauty. The real beauty is love, compassionate heart and sacrifice. The prince and the swallow lost their outward beauty to attain inner beauty by helping the poor and needy. The second theme is the love, charity and sacrifices that make life going on in the world. The third theme os the story is that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. We should help the poor and needy people in society so that they are able to lead a happy life.

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