The Hack Driver- Extract Based comprehension test Questions

By | August 22, 2020

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The Hack Driver

By Sinclair Lewis

Read the extracts given below carefully and answer the questions that follow:

1.I” ll tells you what. I’ve got a hack to get it out and we can drive around together and find liking know most of the places flee out”.

(a) Who does refer to here?

(b) Why did the lawyer come to fad Lukens?

(c) Who befriends him in New Mullion?

(d)Where dim the hack drivers take him?

 Ans. (a) I refer, to the hark driver.

 (b)The lawyer came to find Lukens as he had the summons to serve him.

 (c), He befriended a hack driver who a red-faced man about forty having pleasant was paid charming personality.

 (d) He offered to help him find Lukens. He took him to various places which Lukens fow4uently visited.

2. I loved him for this. By myself, I might never have found Lukens. With the hack briers knowing help, I was sure of getting my man. I took him into my confidence and told him that I wanted to serve the summons on Lukens-which the man had refused to be a witness when his information would have quickly settled our case. The driver listened earnestly. In the end, he hit me on the shoulder and laughed.

 (a) ‘I loved him for this’. Who do T and him’ refer to?

 (b) What did the lawyer tell Bill?

 (c) Why did the narrator love him?

 (d)What does the hack driver say about Lukens?

 Ans. (a) I refer to the young lawyer and he stands for the hack driver.

 (b) The lawyer told Bill that he wanted to serve the summons to Lukens.

(c) The narrator loved him because he was very open-minded, friendly and ready to help a stranger.

 (d) He told the lawyer that Lukens was a careless, dishonest wanderer. He was not really bad but it was hard to recover money from him.

3. What really hurt me was that when I served the summons, Lukens and his mother laughed at me as though 1 were a bright boy of seven. With loving kindness, they begged me to go with them to a neighbour’s house for a cup of coffee.

 (a) Who is?

(b) What hurts the lawyer?

 (c) Why did Lukens take the lawyer to his neighbour’s house?

(d) Do you think the lawyer was gullible?

 Ans. (a) ‘I’ is the lawyer

 (b) The laughter and behaviour of Lukens and his mother hurt the lawyer.

 (c) This was because Lukens’ neighbours were anxious to meet the lawyer as they had missed seeing the lawyer the previous day.

(d) Yes, I think the lawyer was gullible. He was tricked and be fooled by the hack driver.

4. We left that peaceful scene of meadows and woods and resumed our search of Oliver Ida tins. We could not find him. At last, Bill cornered a friend of Lukens and made him admit what came out to his mother’s farm, three miles north.” We drove out there, laying plans.

 (a) Who are ‘We’?

 (b) Why are ‘we’ searching for Oliver Lukens?

(c) Why could the lawyer not find Lukens?

(d) What character traits of the lawyer do these lines reveal?

Ans. (a) ‘We’ stands for the lawyer and the hack driver.

 (b) They wore searching Oliver Lukens to serve him the summons.

 (r) Lukens is the hack driver himself with whom the lawyer spends the whole day.

(d) The lawyer is a nature-lover, simple and over-trusting person.

5. Some of the larger and more self-confident ones even beat me up. I hated this unpleasant work and the side of city life it revealed to me.

(a) Who was the speaker here?

 (b) What was the unpleasant work he is talking about?

(c) Why did he hate the work?

(d) What job did the narrator get after graduation?

 Ans. (a) the narrator of the story ‘The Hack Driver’.

(b) He was a junior assistant clerk.

 (c) It was because he had the job of serving summons to the guilty persons, who sometimes were more powerful than the narrator, and so beat him up.

 (d) The narrator got the job of a junior assistant clerk in a big law firm.

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