The Enemy- Moral/ Message of the lesson

By | July 15, 2023
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The Enemy

                                                 By- Pearl S. Buck

Moral/ Message of the lesson The Enemy Message

The theme of racism is reflected in the story in several ways. When Sadao recalls how he met Hana, he remembers that he didn’t become serious with her until he was sure that she “had been pure in her race” because otherwise, his father wouldn’t have approved. Yumi refused to touch the American, let alone wash him before the operation, and when he left she “cleaned the guest room thoroughly…to get the white man’s smell out of it.” Sadao has strong feelings about white people. He thinks that they are “repulsive” and that “it was a relief to be openly at war with them at last.” He also believed that Americans were full of prejudice, and it had been bitter to live there, knowing himself they’re superior. With the backdrop of the Second World War, the author highlights the horrors of war by portraying the helpless American sailor, who was tortured.

The author advocates universal brotherhood and highlights that service to the wounded is the best service to humanity. The story underlines the message that doctors have no nationality. They must rise above all petty issues like Sadao did and make all possible efforts to save human life.

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