The Enemy- Important Extra Questions Value-Based Answer Type

By | July 15, 2023

The Enemy

                                                 By- Pearl S. Buck

Value Based Questions and Answers of The Enemy

Value-based Questions

1. Write an article on the topic ‘Humanity is the essence of our existence’.

Ans. We all are human beings—the most superior species on the earth. What makes us superior is the emotions like empathy, humanity, compassion, love and devotion. Every human heart breathes these emotions. Humanity, i.e. the concern for the other fellow beings is the most important trait in our personality. Humanity is beyond territories, caste, creed and colour. Though we are divided into various countries, continents, states, etc. we must remember that these territories are constituted on the basis of ethnicity, formed by the people of some race and creed. All these are governed by the law that we have made. But for nature, there is no such discrimination. For the sea, the sun, the rain, the air we all are the same. We all must remember the fact that it is humanity the oneness with each other, which is the essence of our existence.

2. Which, according to you, is higher — humanity or patriotism? Write a paragraph on the topic: Humanity vs Patriotism.

Ans. Humanity is beyond any boundary or prejudice, whereas patriotism is the loyalty to one particular country or place where we live. Both values are essential for human beings. We should be loyal and devoted to our country and full of patriotic fervour. Humanity is boundless. It is above any caste, creed or race. It includes love for others. Humanity makes one compassionate, humble and loving. Humanity is a virtue which unites the entire human race as one, whereas patriotism is segmented. It is a set of strengths focused on tending others. Thus, it is humanity which acquires the highest place among all the virtues.

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