The Diary of a Young Girl- Ch. 5- (13 July 1943 – 20 August 1943) Study Material

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A novel for class 10- English CBSE

By Anne Frank   

Chapter 5- Notes and Study Material

Following is the novel of CBSE class 10 – The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. All the aspects like chapter wise summary in simple words, downloadable pdf files, short story of the novel, book review, Anne Frank   Biography, Important Extra questions and Answers for SA 1 and SA 2, short Summary, main characters,  Anne Frank   autobiography, solutions of the diary of a young girl,Chapter wise Notes and Study Material, Introduction, Analysis, Understanding the Theme, main characters, Chapters in short, Conclusion and much more you will find below. Just get dive in-

Letters from 13 July 1943 – 20 August 1943

1. What did the narrator learn from the episode when her mother exchanged hot words with Mrs Van Dan? What changes did it bring in her thinking?                                                                       

 Ans. After a while of being trapped in the Secret Annexe, Anne Frank feels that she is slowly becoming a “dried-up old beanstalk”. She also begins to develop a hatred for the adults living with her in the Secret Annexe, “Why do grown-ups quarrel so easily, so much, and over the most idiotic things?”. She feels that every day, all the adults do, is plain bickering. These “helpful criticisms” come shooting out of Mrs Van Dan’s mouth daily, and they are simply irritating and unbearable for Anne, The only choice for Anne is to ignore all these things. Similar to Anne Frank, she has experienced situations like this with her mom. Her mom never admits that she may have been wrong, or she would, and the sentence always continues with.  dichotic things, such a clearing up  the dog face handling explain  Vs., whore tho till harped be close to 

2. Describe the different that toothy, hood Frank and Mrs Vain Dean some house Compare the characteristic foot trios hoods Ilion Parole?

Ans. Mrs Van Than and Mrs Frank Mello composed. Accommodating and intelligent. She limps vane; tries to close the chapter at the earliest. possible. She is both muds, Mrs. lilt rink very supportive and understanding towards her husband never lout any hot exchange of words with others except Mrs Vim mid never Elliot scrod into other’s affairs. Being sensitive mid helpful, she tied hot hoe will’ lame herm of the Secret. Annexe.

 Wife and mother, she Ming, On the other hand, Mrs Van Doan vim to very rumple. cheerful and anxious tit the Name time Aimee’s account in her dully in ‘,witted ly unflattering and intolerant. The site kept with her Hugh null to hid exchanges of words between the two on trivial matters. She did ted even son, Peter. Anne portrays her as an ill-tempered lady who is always lenity lowest t ‘IVO/ things. She is clever, excited and becomes hot enmity Mrs Vent Dunn Wes it pushing pleaded that she had to look after herself otherwise, she hull lust meld It in stupid criticism for others.

3. Why did the narrator dislike Mrs Van Dim mid-Di Unwed 7 Iola?

 Ans. In the “Secret Annexe,” Mrs. Frank WON obliged III pet limn versos I makes what had not formerly been accustomed to doing.. silos wilts living In cramped twilit her, and together with her family and smother near Possibly much of the had feeling between Anne and her mother MEN Van Don wag 11 very limp, a temperamental peewit. linen uncomplicated person find ginger Anne’s account of her it, her diary IN generally unflattering and feel that there was a great gulf of character mid Intelligence between thus Alfred Dossal is a fussy old dentist omit unlit lintel, Anne’s moment the Iles to At meat. He doesn’t respect Anne at oil. II” I” generally very selfish, never Fibrin keg the Frank’ tit Vent Urns for sharing their hiding spot with him prodigy Pussy He frequently endangers the other member’s nit Anisette by lug mil y rules and even hoards food. No wonder Amu lianas.

4. Mr Dassel and Anne have very poor opinion of each other. Why? Who do you think was being selfish and unreasonable?


 What were the reasons behind Anne and Dr Dassel getting into frequent arguments? Explain with examples from the Text.                                                                    

 Ans. The relationship between Anne and Mr Dassel turned from bad to worse in course of time as they had a very poor opinion of each other. Dassel never thought well of Anne. There were occasions when he had arguments with Anne over his rights in the Secret Annexes. He also continuously found fault with Anne’s upbringing. However, he had a good opinion concerning Margot, Anne’s sister.

Anne wanted someplace to work comfortably. She requested Dassel to allow her to use the table in their room twice a week in the afternoons from four o’clock till half-past five. However, Dassel refused and even blamed Anne for her negative behaviour. Anne continued with her request. Finally, Dassel had to give in but it was only after much unpleasantness. There were more incidents of the similar nature that created bad blood between the two. Both were stubborn in their own ways and made matters worse.

5.A peep into the life of the residents at lunch-time is different from the usual lunch breaks. Give an account in your own words.                               

 Ans. Lunchtime at the Secret Annexed was half-past twelve, nearly an hour or two earlier than the normal lunchtime. Lunchtime was much awaited at the Annexed as it gave the time for the inmates to ‘breathe’ freely. It was not actually the time when they had their lunch, but it was the time when everyone sat listening to the BBC: they don’t interrupt each other because then someone was speaking even Mr Van Dan cannot interrupt. The place, in fact, got filled up from quarter to one for the one o’clock news. Then, at quarter past one, everyone from below gets a cup of soup and pudding, if there is, as well. The focus in Anne’s description of ‘lunchtime’ seems to be on the fact that the inmates were more bothered about getting the latest news of the turmoil’s outside, than the food actually. So Mr Vansant happily sat on the divan or leaned against the writing table, with newspaper and cup in his hands. Once the news got over, at quarter to two, everyone rose from the table and went about his own business, while Margot and Mummy did the dishes.

6.What was the effect of air-raid alarms on all the residents of the hiding?        

 Ans. Anne describes an air raid that she witnessed on the 18th May 1943. It was an air battle between German and British planes. Anne was in Pym’s bed when suddenly Mrs Van Dan jumped out of bed above her, after which there was a loud clap as if a bomb had fallen beside them. In a few minutes, Anne could see the room light up with the blaze outside. Everyone crept into their beds. Then after a few minutes again the shooting started up. It made Mrs Van Dan sit bolt upright.

 On 18th July North Amsterdam was very heavily bombed, with whole streets lying in ruins. It left nearly two hundred dead and countless wounded. The hospitals got crammed. One could hear children lost in the shouldering ruins looking for their parents. As for Anne, she shuddered when she recalled the dull droning, and rumble in the distance that marked, for her, the approaching destruction.

Again on 25th July, there was tumult and uproar. There was a first warning during breakfast. Then again around half past two. There was a terrible shooting that shook and rumbled the house. Anne clasped her ‘escape bag’ though they could not flee from there as the streets were just as dangerous as an air raid. That evening again there was an air raid hearing the sound of which, Anne’s hunger vanished. Hearing the plane engines were very gruesome and each moment Anne thought “ones falling now. Here it comes.” She got choked with alarm hoping that the war would soon be over.

7.Mr Van Dan’s behaviour at meal times indicates his inflated ego. State briefly his actions which annoyed Anne and the other inmates of the Secret Annexed.                 

Ans. according to the daily schedule, Mr Van Dan is the one who begins his evening meal. He is the first to be served. But what annoys .an the others is that he takes a lot of everything if it is what he likes. This is really an exhibition of his are in the hiding and `inflated pride’ that he deserved the most and the best. Especially when they are in the hiding and live in rationed food, Van Dan’s this attitude needs to be condemned. Another r habit of Van Dan at the table is that he talks as he eats. He is the only one to talk and Anne adds that he “always gives his opinion as to the only one worth listening to”, and once he has spoken it is irrevocable.” Anne points out the reason that if anyone dares to question Van Dan, he would flare up at once. Anne describes this as “spitting like a cat.” Anne or any other person would rather not argue, for she knows about him and has, in fact, studied his egoistic nature thoroughly. For she adds that if we try to argue once with him, we would not try again. She indeed agrees that Van Dan knows the most about everything and he has got brains, but that his “self-satisfaction” has reached a high grade.

8.Anne called 26th July a ‘tumultuous day’. Explain the reasons behind it.

Ans. It was 25th of July when there was a terrible air raid which left the inmates of the Secret Annexed with tumult and uproar. There was a first warning siren when they were at breakfast. Then around two o’clock, Anne and Margot felt the house shake and rumble after bombs were hurled. Anne clasped her ‘escape bag’ more because she wanted a hold than with an idea of escaping. For, the inmates had nowhere to go. And, even if they tried to flee, the street would be just as dangerous as an air raid. Though the air attack subsided after half an hour the activity in the house increased. Anne went upstairs to see rising above the harbour, columns of smoke that Mr Van Dan had told them about. There was a thick mist everywhere.

 That evening again there was an air raid hearing the sound of which Anne’s hunger had vanished. The planes dived and climbed. People could hear the hum of their engines and it was very gruesome. Each moment Anne thought: “one’s falling now. Here it comes.”

 At the stroke of twelve, Anne leapt out of her bed wide awake hearing the first shot of attack. Then the next day morning again was an alarm. Anne got just choked with alarms, tired and hoping that it would all end soon.

9. Describe the burglary in the Annexed.  

 Ans. The life in Secret Annexed remained uncomfortable throughout in many respects. Even an unfamiliar sound in the Annexed put the residents on high alert. They lived there, in constant fear of being caught by the police. On 25th March 1943, the Annexed inmates heard on such Unknown sound, a sound of a barrel falling over in the warehouse and someone fumbling about at the door. The people heard two loud bumps, just as if two doors were banged in the house. The burglars struck the Annexed. But they did not succeed in their attempts. Hearing the footsteps of inmates approaching them, they fled away.

 The burglars once again struck on 16th July. This time it was Peter Van Dan who noticed that both the warehouse door and door opening on the street were wide open. Mr Kowhais informed the inmates that the burglars had pushed in the outer door with a tow bar and had forced the warehouse doors. But they could not find much to steal. Then, they tried their luck upstairs where form they stole two cash, boxes having forty florins, cherub book and postal orders. They also have taken away the coupons for sugar. This event caused a stare in the Secret Annexe. MI’ People were happy that the typewriters and some money in their wardrobe were safe.

10. Why did Mrs Van Dan and Mr Mussel find fault with Anne’s upbringing?      

Ans. On 29th July 1943, Mrs Van Doan, Damsel and Anne were doing the dishes. Anne was and since it Umea she attracted the notice of the other two. Anne wanted is amid so she quickly sought a neutral topic and thought of talking about the book ‘Henry Other Side- Rut After she realized her blunder. Though Dassel had rot for Anne and Ma he pointed upon Anne saying she was too young saying that Anne knew too much about things up all wrong. Anne could have slapped both zeds there making fool of her. Anne was in a rage, he days tut she Anne felt that their idea of good upbringing was -a way to try to set her a; a – her parents, Van Dean and Dassel often talked of stet things

11. What efforts did Anne to convince Mr Dassel to use the table in their room?


Anne with Mr Dassel for the use of a small table in their room. This incident shows that he and narrow-minded person. Elucidate.                                                                                

 Ans. (i) Anne wanted some place to do her work In the common room, there was always something g. so it was impossible to work there. In her own room, there was a table that she shared zit Mr Buses’. So. she requested Mr Dassel to allow her to use the little table in their room twice a week in the afternoons. from four o’clock till half-past five.

 (ii) Dassel replied: “No”. Just plain NO He said he also had to work and if he couldn’t work in the afternoons. then there was no time left for him at all.

(iii) When Anne argued her genuine request, Mr Dassel started blaming for her ill-behaviours Anne dashed to her father and told him the whole story Mr Frank decided to talk to Me. Dassel the same evening. He discussed the matter with Dassel for over half an hour. Finally, Dassel had to give in, and Anne had the opportunity of working undisturbed until five o’clock for two afternoons a week.

12. What detail had Anne given about the inmates of Secret Annexed’, when they sat for the evening meal? Discuss.


 Describe the dinner routine in the Annexed.                                                 

 Ans. Anne Frank had given the following detail of the inmates of Secret Annexed when they sat for the evening meal:

Mr Van Dan: He is first to be served. He takes a lot of everything if it is what he likes. Unusually. he talks at the same time and always gives his opinion as of the only one worth listening to, and once he has spoken it is irrevocable.

Mrs Van Dan: The tiniest potatoes, the sweetest mouthful, the best of everything, picking over is her system. The others will get theirs as long as she has the best. Then talking whether anyone is interested, whether they are listening or not, that does not seem to matter.

Peter: He is very quiet and does not draw much attention to himself.

Margot: She eats like a little mouse and does not talk at all. The only things that go down are vegetables and fruits.

 Mr Frank: He looks first to see if everyone else has something. He needs nothing himself: for the best things are for the children.

Anne: She calls herself the Secret Annexed’ “bundle of nerves* who sits beside Mr Frank.

 Dr.Dassel: Helps himself, never looks up, eats and doesn’t talk.

Elli: She has a healthy appetite. She leaves nothing on her plate and is not picky and chops”

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