The Diary of a Young Girl- Ch. 2-(21 August 1942 — 29 October 1942) Study Material

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A novel for class 10- English CBSE

By Anne Frank   

Chapter 2- Notes and Study Material

Following is the novel of CBSE class 10 – The Diary of a Young Girlby Anne Frank  . All the aspects like chapter wise summary in simple words, downloadable pdf files, short story of the novel, book review, Anne Frank   Biography, Important Extra questions and Answers for SA 1 and SA 2, short Summary, main characters,  Anne Frank   autobiography, solutions of the diary of a young girl,Chapter wise Notes and Study Material, Introduction, Analysis, Understanding the Theme, main characters, Chapters in short, Conclusion and much more you will find below. Just get dive in-

Letters from 21 August 1942 — 29 October 1942

1. What arrangements were made for the supply of food to the residents of the Secret Annexed, the secret den?

Ans. The tasks were divided among the four helpers Mie, Gees, and Beep. They took calls: the daily grocery shopping. Jan ( lies are able to arrange for ration coupons. Every marine went to the secret annexed to collect the shopping list for that day. During the day she shopping at the vegetable store and the butcher while Beep took care of bread and milk, word, she brought to them during the lunch break. Once during the new year’s eve, Mie baked a spicy cake with some saved scraps of butter pie and flour. I Mrs Frank put on some water for imitation coffee. The beer was poured and in this manner, they celebrated the occasion and prayed for the peace.

 They had to make curtains and keep them drawn throughout the day. They had to remain very quiet at all times. Using the bathroom d only window of the annexed, in the attic, had to tour the day had to be kept to a minimum. The remain closed. They only kept it a crack open at sight. Visitors had to be kept to a minimum. 

2. Though Mr Van Dan and Mt Frank were business partners, both were quite different in their outlook towards other inmates. Give a short description highlighting their positive negative traits.

 Ans. Mr Frank was a nice, loving, caring, helpful, unselfish, and wise man. He was generous to everyone. He was never really rude to anyone, but overall a good human being compared to most people in this crazy world. As Anne writes, she loved her father, Mr Van Dan very much. In her diary, she declares about Mr Van Dan, “I don’t love anyone in the world but him.” On the other hand, Mr Van Dan was not so much liked by lots of people like Mr Frank because he had many mean characteristics. Some were that he was selfish, stubborn, he fights with his wife. He is not friendly or nice to people, he is a thief because he stole food from the kitchen that had barely enough for everyone before he stole some.

There are numerous differences between these two men. Mr Van Dan always showed respect towards his wife and never quarrelled with her. Anne writes about their parents, “Mummy and Daddy would never dream of shouting at each other.” On the other hand, Mr and Mrs Van Dan kept quarrelling with each other frequently. Such quarrel was an unpleasant experience for their son, Peter. One example is when they are with the children. When Anne and Margot are working on their studies, Mr Frank gets involved and tries to help them progress. Mr Van Dan does not cooperate very well with Peter.

3. Mr Kowhais contributed a lot to settle the residents of Secret Annexed comfortably by serving them with great sincerity. What is your opinion about his personality? Explain in detail.

Ans. Mr Kowhais was a friend of Anne Frank’s father who took over his place in the Travis company when the family moved to Amsterdam. He was one of the people that proposed the idea of the Franks taking refuge in the back of the business building, and once they did, he helped them move their personal possessions into the building. He was married and his wife was aware of her husband assisting the Frank Family, she was too scared to come and meet them.

Mr Kowhais came to be known as cheerful and amazingly brave in spite of suffering from the disease. He was terminally sick, unable to eat or work in a lot of pain throughout the course of the Frank family’s stay in hiding. But he was a resourceful and intelligent man who managed to be of immense help in spite of his illness.

4. How did the entry of the Van Dan affect the Franks? Give your view s.


 From the very beginning, Anne and her mother could not get along with Mrs Van Dan. Give reasons for their friction.                                                                                           


Anne disliked Mrs Van Dan. What was the reason?

Ans. From the very beginning, Anne and her mother could not get along with Mrs Van Dan. There were several reasons behind their friction. Mrs Van Dan was in the habit of hiding all that belonged to the Van Mans. For example, slaw had taken all three of her sheets out of the common linen cupboard. Moreover, Mrs Van Dan was thoroughly piqued to find that her dinner service and not the Franks was in use. She always tried to find where the Franks had put their plates. Besides, Anne happened to smash one of Mrs Van Dan’s soup plates and she was quite enraged.

To make the matters worse Mrs Van Dan constantly finds fault with the upbringing of Frank siblings especially Anne. But even Margot was not spared. Besides, Mrs Van Dan never seemed to be in the mood to tolerate Anne’s chattering. Mrs Van Dan had also made a servant of  Anne’s sister, Margot. Margot sometimes had to wash about seven pans after the meals whereas Mrs Van Dan never washed any and simply went to bed.

Anne is not spared by Mrs Van Dan even while she is having a meal. She hates it whenever Mrs Van Dan wants her to have more vegetables. Thus, Mrs Van Dan’s selfish attitude largely contributed to the friction as did the angry response of the Franks.

5. Describe the incidents from ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ prove that the Gestapo were ruthless.


What tells the readers about the inhuman attitude of the Germans, during the Second World War, in the diary?

Ans. As Anne says even at the beginning of her diary account, she describes the sorry state of affairs of the Jewish under the Nazis. The Jews were made to wear a yellow star to identify themselves as Jews. Besides, they were banned from indulging in any sports or other entertainments. The worst of these cruelties of the Gestapo was the execution of Jews. This forced Anne’s family and many others to hide from the eyes of Nazis commanders. Anne further describes the tortures meted out to the Jews in her Friday 9 October 1942 entry. She expresses her displeasure in revealing that several Jewish friends of hers were being taken away to Jewish camps. These people were being treated by the Gestapo without a shred of decency being loaded into cattle trucks and sent to Westerberg Jewish camp. There was just one washing cubicle for a hundred people and not nearly enough lavatories. Men, women and children were all made to sleep together. Escape from such conditions was quite impossible as most of the people in the camp were branded as inmates by their shaven heads and Jewish appearance. Prominent citizens — innocent people were thrown into prison to await their fate. If the saboteur could not be traced, the Gestapo simply put five hostages against the wall and executed them. Announcements of their deaths appeared in the papers frequently.

6. Discuss the role of the helpers in the life of the eight who hid in the secret annexed. Could they have survived without the helpers? What does Anne feel about them?

Ans. When the Frank and Van Dan family stayed in Secret Annexed, some people who worked in Mr Frank’s office were very helpful. Whatever little comfort the inmates had was all because of these helpers.

Mr Gleemen, the friend and business associate of Otto Frank was of great help to the family, providing them whatever they needed. In fact, like Koo pikes, he took bore the brunt of responsibility for the Frank family’s secret hiding.

Mr Bugler, also an associate of Mr Frank, was the one who prepared the ‘Secret-Annexed’ as a hiding place. Besides, he provided the family moral and psychological support. Anne liked him because he fulfilled all her needs like bringing her favourite magazines etc.

Beep, a young girl who worked in Frank’s office, also took care of the family’s daily needs. She too tried her best to keep the family in a relaxed mood. She was also the table companion of Anne.

Map Gees who worked under Mr Frank brought ration coupon for the family whenever she visited ova anvil them news from the nitride world. For Anne. She was a very good friend.

Besides these people was the organization the Free Netherland, It forgets identity cards and supplied money to the families in hiding.

7. How did Anne pass her time in the hiding?                      

 Ans. When Anne Frank’s family was in the hiding, ruttiest of her day-to-day life at Secret Annexed had taken an impotent part much during September and she gave herself holiday during tot’ would be giving her lessons. What they all could make the most camp bed in the attic where the sun shined through an open September 1942, she started working hard at her French. In the etc. had been procured for her and she also got a goad shirk of serum Herat agitated, items. Sometimes Anne listened to the Dutch news ‘loin London, she routs some books like The Assault’. Later when she was allowed to read bolero up book alia taiga lad hourly with ‘Eva’s Youth’ by Waco Van Suchtelen,

8. Give an account of some of the problems faced by the printout in the Seal Anna.

Ans. The ‘Secret Annexed’ seemed to be a heaven on earth, a Waal Wing pie NI all when they occupied it first. But slowly as the situation outside worsened with no scope of Secret Annexed seeing the daylight, everyone vent into trust nation, added with other practical problems faced by each one of them. Anne mined her Monty& She longed desperately to talk, for freedom and for her friends. The same was with Inter. Nan There were also restrictions laid down the inmates. There should be obi loin silence, with lights to be put off exactly at 10 o’clock. Margot and Edith Frank had just three waiter vests between them. The family had been using the same oilcloth on the over a  The Van Deans had been sleeping on the same sheet the whole winter, They rookie not wash n Imp instances of lack of sufficient soap powder. Even food was rationed for the inmates, tin* worsened when the people from whom they obtained food coupons had been sought by the Nate oily, Added to this one after another first Anne’s father and then Anne and other Santé* Mt ill, As days rolled into months in the hideout, people got irritable and frustrated with Omit’s tether,

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