The Diary of a Young Girl- Ch. 10- (14 April 1944 — 2 May 1944) Study Material

By | December 17, 2018

A novel for class 10- English CBSE

By Anne Frank   

Chapter 10- Notes and Study Material

Following is the novel of CBSE class 10 – The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. All the aspects like chapter wise summary in simple words, downloadable pdf files, short story of the novel, book review, Anne Frank   Biography, Important Extra questions and Answers for SA 1 and SA 2, short Summary, main characters,  Anne Frank   autobiography, solutions of the diary of a young girl,Chapter wise Notes and Study Material, Introduction, Analysis, Understanding the Theme, main characters, Chapters in short, Conclusion and much more you will find below. Just get dive in-

Letters from 14 April 1944 — 2 May 1944

1.”Suddenly the everyday Anne slipped away and the second Anne took her place”. Explain.                                                                                               

 Ans. Anne Frank was a charming girl full of self-confidence. She had an open mind. She was a girl with her own view about the things and circumstances around her. She was loving and expressive. She wanted to live her own life. She always loved to enjoy freedom, right from her school days she was a sociable girl. This is evident from the fact that she had many friends, both boys and girls, in her school days. But, the changed circumstances and restrained life of the Secret Annexe had brought a noticeable change in her personality and behaviour. The changed condition had made her little bit demanding. She became reactionary day-by-day. Her feelings and reactions were strong. She had to live the rest of her life in a hide-out. The girl who interacted a lot with others in an open atmosphere had now none to share her feelings.

The life in the Secret Annexe had snatched the joy of being young and vibrant from her, w the people of her age naturally enjoyed. This also impacted her way of thinking about the thing, g, situations and relationship.

 In the Secret Annexe, Anne was often in low spirits but never in despair. She got matured into an independent, optimistic and was ready to face the world and also all its challenges. The swing in her mood was natural but she never lost her confidence. She tried her best to find a good reason to live from the worst circumstances. The correction of her mistakes by herself and desire to progress in life all leave a lasting impression on the readers.

2. In the account of Anne Frank’s ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’, who is Miep?  

Ans. In the novel, The Diary of a Young Girl’, Miep Gies was an associate of Mr Otto Frank. She was working under him. She played a very important role when the Frank family was in hiding. She gave the family a good moral support. She brought food to them and visited them in their hiding place. Also, she brought with her ration coupons and news from the outside world. This brought a fresh air for the family. Elli, little gifts and surprises on birthdays and festivals. It can be said she made the tense Miep was also a good friend of Anne. Whenever Anne longed to talk to someone new, Miep was there for her.

Miep also showed her friendliness and sociability by arranging, together with atmosphere relaxed by this. When Miep went to her cousin’s engagement party, she even noted down the names and addresses of two officers from the Homicide Squad in case those in the Annexe needed contact with good Dutch people. Once when the children at Secret Annexe wanted badly to have guests, Miep and Hank spent a night with them.

Miep Gies even saved the family when she claimed to the policemen that she did not know about the group in hiding. Miep’s generosity could also be seen when she attempted to secure the prisoner’s release for money, though it did not materialize. But, for Anne, Miep could not understand what it is like to be a young girl trapped in a small attic.

3. Do you think Anne needs Peter’s friendship as much as Peter needs hers? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans. Anne was deeply interested in Peter. She loved Peter to the depth of her heart. When Peter crossed Anne’s path, she really fell in love with him. She was always on a hunt to spare a moment to meet and talk to Peter. It charmed her much to spend time with Peter.

 It was Peter who governed all her moods. She was always ready to procure potatoes, the reason being the availability of an opportunity to have a chattering with Peter. Anne admired Peter in many ways. According to her, he was a nice and good looking boy. Anne was mad about his laugh. Anne needed someone whom she could share her feelings with and Peter was one such. She talked for hours and sometimes, she got to forget the job for which she was sent upstairs.

The same was the state of Peter. He kept waiting for Anne. Peter also liked Anne very much. Peter liked Anne’s laugh. According to Peter, Anne’s external beauty was in her dimples. When she laughed, she got a dimple in her cheeks that attracted Peter the most. Peter held that she was not a bit superficial worldly Anne that she appeared, but a dreamy specimen, with just as many difficulties as himself. All this shows that Anne had fallen in love with Peter.

However, in reply to her father, Anne accepted that Peter was not in love.

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