The Accidental Tourist- Quick Review of the Chapter

By | February 22, 2023
The Accidental Tourist- Quick Review of the Chapter


                                                                                                   By– Bill Bryson


1.What type of man was Bill Bryson?

(A) determined                                             (B) easily confused

(C) sure                                                         (D) all of the above

Ans. (B) easily confused

2.On what occasions did the author go on a big trip?

(A) Easter                                                      (B) New Year Day

(C) Christmas                                                (D) His birthday

Ans (A) Faster

3.The author had joined the frequent flyer programme of :

(A) Boston Airways                                  (B) French Airways

(C) British Airways                                   (D) American Airways

Ans. (C) British Airways

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4.What happened to the zip on the bag?

(A) it got jammed                                (B) it got free

(C) it was fine                                       (D) none of the above

 Ans. (A) it got jammed

5.What came out of the bag when the zip gave way?

(A) newspaper cutting                        (B) magazines

 (C) english money                             (D) all of the above

 Ans. (D) all of the above

6.The author was bleeding lavishly in his :

(A) arm                                            (B) leg

(C) finger                                         (D) toe

Ans. (C) finger

7.Who was along with Bill Bryson when he disgorged all the things on the road??

 (B) wife                                        (D) friend

 (A) son                                         (C) daughter

Ans. (B) wife

8.Bill Bryson mainly travelled by:

(A) aeroplane                                (B) ship

(C) bus                                          (D) train

Ans (A) aeroplane

9.What did bill Bryson drop on a sweet lady sitting beside him on an air journey?

(A) soft drink                                 (B) tea

 (C) coffee                                     (D) dishes

 Ans. (A) soft drink

10.After an accident on the plane, the author’s teeth looked.

(A) green                                    (B) red

 (C) ivory white                           (D) navy blue

 Ans. (D) navy blue

11.What was Bill doing when he was crushed under a scat?

(A) leaning to tic his laces                           (B) searching a coin

(C) reading a piece of paper                       (D) learning aimlessly

Ans. (A) leaning to tie his laces

12.What was Bill’s nature?

(A) clear minded                                         (B) frustrated

 (C) intelligent                                             (D) all of the above

 Ans. (B) frustrated

13.Bill travelled a lot by air. Did he entitle to any free air miles?

(A) yes                                                         (B) no

 (C) maybe                                                 (D) not known

 Ans. (B) no

14.What type of tourist was Bill?

 (A) confirmed                                            (B) pleasant

 (C) accidental                                            (D) risky

Ans. (C) accidental

15.Who is the author of the lesson ‘The Accidental Tourist’?

(A) Bill Bryson                                            (B) William Bryson

(C) Dill Bryson                                            (D) none of the above

Ans. (A) Bill Bryson

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