16.Short Essay and Article on : Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Love yourself a little more, the harder you fall for yourself, the taller you’ll stand later on, when you lose yourself, you are going to eventually meet a better ‘you’, the time for hesitation is over until you make room for them.

Love yourself enough, life should never be about the size of your paycheck the car you drive or the home you live in, it’s about creating your own path and future, taking pride in yourself letting people around you, make you feel like younger worthless.

Conviction and confidences strength and stature, loving and living, that’s what life is all about, don’t forget you are multitudes, amuse, a masterpiece, a magical being. Be on the front seat of the concert of life, be an adventure and believe in miracles.

Fail in love with yourself, you’re beautiful and you’re worth it, love yourself a little more there is no reason you Shouldn’t

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