12.Short Essay and Article on DIGI STRESS


Do you worry about giving up your smartphone? Is your virtual self-taking over your real self? Are you more interested in what’s happening online than in your house? If your answer is yes, to any one of the aforementioned questions, then you are a digital slave or turning into one.
No doubt technology has invaded (successfully!) every aspect of our lives but it has also introduced new sources of stress and health hazards. A year old loses hearing due to the radiation from the mobile phone, victims fall prey o spying service office and website scams are some of the headlines that grab our attention on a regular basis.
So what can be done to avoid falling prey to the nightmares of hacking on entering into a spiral of threats and demands from an online predator? Some of the basic guidelines and computer ethics to protect ourselves from internet scams and health hazards are listed below:-
Never expose personal intimate details on any social networking site. You can be threatened to extortion or defamation.
Never get lured into giving your e-mail address and password in the hope of controlling your friends’ webcams or other such temptations.
You aren’t familiar with don’t befriend any person on Facebook, unless you have the option of blocking the friend.
Facebook is most handy and perfect to keep in touch with your old pals but it makes you accountable and transparent. In fact, many people have lost jobs due to the photograph exposed on facebook showing they were on a holiday driving the ‘medical leave’.
It’s immoral to give personal information about a friend without his/her consent and approval.
Beware of the website that offers unique spying system and carefully go through the terms and conditions before agreeing to continue the set of procedures
Avoid electromagnetic radiation as it’s extremely harmful to both growth and brain development. Don’t use the phone while charging. It is indeed true that we’ve become on irritable empathic narcissistic generation. Technology may be the need of the and being techno-savvy may boost your self-esteem and confidence in per groups.
To be pragmatic (practical in simple words), gadgets, per se, aren’t bad, it’s our over-dependence on them that’s harmful, therefore, it has become imperative to incorporate cyber mindfulness in our lives. At least eternal gadgets like I hope can’t make you feel comfy permanently!

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