11.Short Essay and Article on: Barrier Breakers

Barrier Breakers

Can a clerk or a house painter win the Noble Prize? Why not? Canon become the head of a state, even if he is a tailor or a Petty Painter? Yes. Can a pencil maker or a tenant farmer achieve eminence as a writer? He can certainly can a factory worker or a woodcutter adorn the silver screen? Yes, he can be. For a truck driver or a baker, to earn name and fame as a singer is not beyond reach provided he has the will to undertake the “arduous” journey and the determination to change the course of his life. 

The matter that matters is the willpower for achieving something big. The aim has, however, to be realistic and within one’s focus. Einstein had failed in the high school’s Mathematics paper and become an office clerk and gave the theory of relativity and propounded a theoretical explanation of the Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect before winning the Nobel Prize. A house painter Faulkner, become a famous American Novelist who created an imaginary country in Deep South and also won the Noble Prize.

To start with, Hitler was a Petty Painter. The author of “Mein Kampf” written during his imprisonment become the well known German dictator before committing suicide with his wife eve Braun, which was inevitable in the face of his total defeat in world war 2nd.

Nothing is impossible. Try, try again, and you will bet the ball. Not only the field but goal shall be yours. I assure you, it is a tested and tried formula, rise to the challenge and conquer the impediments and you shall find your long-awaited reward right in your view to be grabbed.

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