6.Short Essay and Article on: Anxiety Among Children

By | July 15, 2021


People tend to assume that children are careful and living in the best, nothing to be concerned about other than where to hang out after school. Unfortunately in today’s modern world cases of anxiety disorder in children are on the rise.
Children today have schedules. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are earmarked for matches & practice. Tuesday the math tutor comes over. Thursday is the day their science group meets to work on the year-long project the teacher has assigned. Then there are hours of homework (and those hours start at right at the kindergarten stage. As they get older they have to think about getting into university & getting the right high school job that will give them valuable job experience in the future. Anxiety disorder in children is no longer uncommon & parents don’t know how to help because they are not familiar to it.
Parents can learn about the many ways to deal with an anxiety disorder in children. It is treatable. Medication is probably the first thing that is thought of but there are many natural remedies for treating anxiety disorder in children that should be considered as well. Take the time to do some research & find out what your options are before settling or one kind of treatment. 
For many, treading anxiety disorder in children is as simple as following the suggestion of their family doctor. However, doctors are too quick to prescribe medication for conditions that can be early treated with the help of natural remedies. You don’t have to be living in a commune to try out a natural remedy – they are becoming an increasingly acceptable option among a wide variety of people. Natural remedies may include a balance of diet & exercise or the learning to use the tools that can be used to moderate anxiety disorder their behaviour & feeling, they can learn when to apply it to a specified situation.
Learning about options for treatment can give you the assurance you need to deal with this disorder.

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