Sample Message for Magazine- High School Vice Principal

Message by Vice Principal

 Being mindful of one’s FEAR allows it to become his teacher and gives purpose to what is otherwise meaningless suffering.

Living in a fear-based culture inevitably affects a child’s state of mind the decisions he makes. As a result, he becomes more compliant, more willing to surrender his  right, is less demanding and less willing to take risks. It is all because he sees the future through the lens of fear.

Unwise actions and indifference towards such experiences can destroy the future of such students. The problem is that lens of fear distorts what he sees. It focuses primarily on the negative, exaggerates the potentially threatening and causes one to compromise on his core values. Fear narrows ones vision and promotes violent actions.

Fear is an acronym. FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real. Its an illusion.

The culture in ____ School Name______, has always been congenial, fear-free. Students are taught to see through the lens of love.

Our school embraces the idea that ALL students can learn. It values kindness, empathy and good citizenship. It understands shy, serious introvert and sensitive temperament  and enforces anti-bullying programmes.

Primary interests of our  is to create a balanced educational programme that recognizes and values the ’whole child’ and is interested in each child reaching his full potential regardless of her personality. Introvert child is made to feel safe to explore his or her thoughts and share them with the class.

Teachers are granted space and resources to innovate, adjust to the circumstances to innovate, they find themselves in and adapt the ways that best meet students’ needs.

A toolbox of strategies is built that is geared towards diverse learners and each student is effectively worked upon.

Students through various platforms are given opportunities to eliminate fear, the great destroyer of dreams and experience happiness and joy for a lifetime.

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