Reported Speech Rules, Examples and worksheet No.16

By | April 4, 2019

Direct and Indirect Speech sentences are really very helpful to learn English but how to teach direct and indirect speech is a big art and this can be done through direct indirect speech rules and narration rules so we are providing a direct and indirect speech rules chart and some reported speech worksheet and direct indirect speech examples and finally direct and indirect speech quiz which will help you change into indirect speech answer . So you need to go through direct and indirect speech rules pdf and teach and learn narration-

Click here for “Direct Indirect Speech Rules Chart”


Read the given conversation and complete the following passage:

1.Mother: Where have you been?

Daughter: I had gone to the market.

 Mother: Was it very crowded?

Daughter: The market is always crowded with people and good things!

The mother asked her daughter (a)______ The daughter replied (b)_______. The mother further enquired if (c) _____ The daughter laughingly replied (d).______ with people and good things.                                                                                                   

2. Mother: Rahul, where did you go around noon?

Rahul: Morn, I was with Sanjay at his house.

Mother: You should have told of it. I was greatly worried,

Rahul: I am sorry, mom. I shall do so in future.

Mother asked her son Rahul (a)_______noon. He replied that(b)_____ .  She asked him that (c)_______ as she was greatly worried. He regretted it and

said  (d)_______  future.


  1. (a) where she had been                                   (b) that she had gone to the market

        (c) it had been very crowded                            (d) that the market was always crowded

  1. (a) where he had gone around                       (b) he had been with Sanjay

        (c) he should have told of that                          (d) he would do so

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