Ranga’s Marriage- Introduction

 Ranga’s Marriage

By- Maasthi Venkatesa Iyengar 

 Introduction of the lesson- Ranga’s Marriage


Ranga’s Marriage is an interesting story of how a person manipulates to get a young boy married to an eleven-year-old girl in a village. The story dates back to the early days of British rule when English was not used in a big way. Rangappa, the son of a village accountant, is sent to Bangalore to study. His homecoming after six months makes a big event. The curious villagers gather outside Ranga’s house to see how much the boy had changed. And they are sadly disappointed.

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The narrator discusses the issue of marriage with Ranga. He is piqued to hear his ideas about marriage. He resolves to get the boy married to a very young and immature 11-year-old girl Ratna. He seeks the support of Shastri’s astrology to bring Ratna round. And Ranga forgets his idealism and settles down happily.The story depicts the life in Indian villages in the past when child marriage was a common practice.

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