Rain on the Roof-Quick Review of the Poem


                                                        By- Coates Kinney


1.What are the humid shadows doing in the sphere?

 (A) steeping                                     (B) resting

(C) floating in the air                       (D) doing nothing

 Ans. (C) floating in the air

2.What does the poet attach the darkness with?

(A) joyful mood                                (B) sadness

 (C) pleasant                                      (D) soothing

Ans .(B) sadness

3.What is a bliss for the poet?

(A) bathing in the rain                    (B) getting a lot of money

(C) going to an office in rain           (D) lying on the bed in a joyful mood

Ans. (D) lying on the bed in a joyful mood

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4.What does the poet enjoy listening to?

 (A) the classical music of piano    (B) film music

 (C) pattering sound of raindrops   (D) old songs

Ans(C) pattering sound of raindrops

5.What tinkles on the shingles?

 (A) raindrops                                    (B) hailstones

(C) brass-bells                                    (D) silver bangles

Ans(A) raindrops

6.What makes an echo in the poet’s mind?

 (A) his poverty                                  (B) his successes

 (C) the music of pattering rain       (D) all these things

Ans(C) the music of pattering rain

7.Where is the rain making a noise?

 (A) in the room                                 (B) on the roof

 (C) in the garden                              (D) in the lanes

Ans. (B) on the roof

8.Who comes in the poet’s memory?

(A) the rain                                        (B) his father

 (C) his mother                                  (D) his friends

 Ans(C) his mother

9.Where does the poet’s mother live?

 (A) in another town                         (B) in a village

 (C) with the poet                              (D) she has died

Ans. (D) she has died

10.Who are the darling dreamers?

 (A) the poet and his brothers         (B) the street children

(C) the school children                    (D) none of these

Ans (A) the poet and his brothers

11.What does the poet listen?

(A) the sweet music of insects        (B) sweet music of piano

 (C) the sweet music of raindrops  (D) all the options are incorrect

Ans(C) the sweet music of raindrops

12.Select the correct meaning of ‘refrain’.

 (A) stop making noise                    (B) sound of piano music

(C) making refined efforts              (D) the noise of the rain

Ans(D) the noise of the rain

13.Select the name of the poet of the poem ‘Rain on the Roof’.

(A) Robert Frost                                (B) Subramanian

 (C) Coates Kinney                            (D) W.B. Yeats

  Ans(C) Coates Kinney

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