Process Writing Examples No. 7 & 8

By | February 16, 2019

Process writing is an important part of the English Language. Process improvement starts with Keeping your exams in view we are providing process writing topics with process writing examples. This process work is directly associated with your learning of fluent English because process writing includes communication skills. So Let’s dive in- 

7. Describe the process of booking a trunk call.

Ans. The process is all easy. We give our own number and the name of the place and the number on which the trunk call is to be booked to the exchange operator. We get a back ring and are told that the call is booked for the right number. We wait patiently sifting close to the telephone instrument. Then we get a call from the telephone exchange that the booked number is on the line and we can talk to the person. Sometimes the operator asks us to give another number as the previous number is not available. We have to pay as per the time has taken on the phone.

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8. The process of taking a photograph.

Ans. To take a good photograph is a matter of practice. First, we load the camera with the film carefully as exposure to light will spoil the film roll. Then by operating the film advance lever, we bring the film to the correct number for taking the photograph. The aperture is set and we ask the person to pose. After this, we observe the correct distance and direction of light. Precaution is taken so that the camera lens may not face any source of light. All set, we focus on the person and release the shutter. The process is over. Then we change the number of film for the next exposure.

Download the above Process Writing in PDF (Printable)

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