Process Writing Examples No. 5 & 6

By | February 16, 2019

Process writing is an important part of the English Language. Process improvement starts with Keeping your exams in view we are providing process writing topics with process writing examples. This process work is directly associated with your learning of fluent English because process writing includes communication skills. So Let’s dive in- 

5. Describe the process of making a fine cup of tea.

Ans. Preparation of tea is not a difficult process but one needs the skill to keep the flavour and taste of tea intact. Boil required a quantity of water in a kettle. Put leaves of tea and some pieces of cardamom in it. Switch off the burner and let the tea leaves puff up and settle down. Boil some milk separately. Pour down some tea water from the kettle in a cup and add hot milk and sugar as per taste. Your fine cup of tea is ready. Stir the concoction for a few seconds and sip the tea all hot at leisure. Flavour and aroma will linger on.

Download the above Process Writing in PDF (Printable)

6. Describe the process of getting admission in a school.

 Ans. To get admission in a school one has to procure the prescribed admission form from the office of that school. Columns requiring specific information are filled up. An admission seeker writes he and his father’s name and address, his date of birth, nationality, the name of the examination passed and the class he aspires to join. Some columns demand information regarding his parents’ income, hobby and interest in games. These columns are properly filled. The aspirant gets his filled form verified from the office counter. Then he deposits the form and the fees with the Accounts department. He is admitted thereafter.

Download the above Process Writing in PDF (Printable)

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