Poem-4 Childhood NCERT Solution

By | July 4, 2020

Think it Out

1. Identify the stanza that talks to each of the following :

Individuality       rationalism        hypocrisy

Ans. individuality         Stanza 3

rationalism                  Stanza 1

hypocrisy                     Stanza 2

2. What according to the poem is involved in the process of growing up?

  Ans.   The process of growing up involves at least three steps.

First step: The child begins to notice the difference between facts and fiction, reality and imagination.

Second step: With age there comes practical wisdom. He notices the hypocrisy of the people. They did not really mean or practise what they said.

Third step: Independent thinking.

3. What is the poet’s feeling towards childhood?

Ans. The poet misses his childhood, which stands for innocence and honesty. A child is away from hypocrisy. He longs for his lost childhood. During the process of growing up, one becomes self-centred, cunning and mindless.

4. Which do you think are the most poetic lines? Why?

Ans. The most poetic lines in the poem are: `It went to some forgotten place. That’s hidden in an infant’s face. Childhood once lost cannot be regained or recalled. It can only be seen in the face of a little one.

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