28. Reading Skills Comprehension: GAMMA KNIFE REMOVES BRAIN TUMOUR

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:


  1. Patients suffering from a brain tumour need not worry as Gamma knife surgery offers new hope.
  2. Neurosurgeons guarantee cent per cent success of the technique introduced in a few cities of the country recently.
  3. “Under Gamma Knife surgery, the patient does not have to be operated upon. The head does not have to be cut open. The entire exercise is carried out through computers and the tumour removed,” says Dr B.K Misra, consultant neurosurgeon with the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai, while talking to Hindustan Times on Sunday.
  4. Dr Misra was here to attend the 13th Conference of the Neurosciences Society of Uttar Pradesh (Neurocon).
  5. The revolutionary Gamma Knife surgery uses highly targeted radiation to treat brain tumours.
  6. Radiation coming from separate sources is directed to a specific target. Highly sophisticated computer software is used to determine the size, location and shape of the area to be treated. Only at the point where all 201 beams cross enough radiation is delivered to affect the diseased tissue while sparing surrounding tissue.
  7. Thus, the Gamma Knife “cuts” deep into the brain without using a scalpel. The “blades” of the Gamma Knife are the beams of gamma radiation programmed to target the lesion at the point where they intersect.
  8. He said patients suffering from a brain tumour’ or ‘brain haemorrhage’ related complications needed to undergo surgery without wasting time.
  9. Dr Misra said after Gamma Knife surgery, a patient is discharged from the hospital within a day.
  10. He said though the success rate was almost cent per cent, a one per cent risk could not be ruled out, especially in the post-surgery period. Because there is no incision, the chance of an infection or excessive bleeding is virtually eliminated.

Answer the following questions on the basis of the above passage                          

(a) Gamma knife surgery offers new hope to  

(b) The merit of Gamma knife surgery is that the head is 

 (c) Doctors dealing with the brain are called 

 (d) Brain tumours are treated by Gamma knife surgery by using  

(e) Computers help in determining 

(f) Gamma knife cuts deep into the brain without 

(g) After the Gamma knife surgery, a patient is discharged from hospital 

(h) There are no chances of infection or excessive bleeding because

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