87. Reading Skills Comprehension: “SODA POP”

By | January 13, 2020

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                                                                              “SODA POP”

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow – 

Soda pop has an interesting story. The story begins with mineral water. Mineral water comes from springs. In many places, people take baths in mineral water. They say washing with mineral water is good for their health. Some say drinking mineral water is also good for people. Mineral water has bubbles in it. People learned to make bubbly water in the 1770’s. They added CO2 to water with a machine to make the water bubbly. The machine was the “soda fountain.” They called the new bubbly water “soda water” or “carbonated water.” American drug stores sold soda water. Druggists put good-tasting flavours in the soda water. People drank soda water for their health. Many people liked it for its good flavour. Many people went to the soda fountain every day. Most soda fountains were in drug stores or ice cream shops. In the early 1900’s, people bought soda water in bottles. Later in the 1900’s, people started to buy flavoured soda water in cans. Now it is sold in many containers in grocery stores and other places where food is sold. Some people call it “pop.” Some say “soda.” Other people call it “cola,” “tonic,” or “soda pop.”

1. People said minerals water baths were…

A.good for people’s health.                                  B. best in the springtime.

C.good–tasting.                                                    D. Both A and B are correct.

2) What was a soda fountain?

A drug store                                                           B. A bathing machine

C.A machine which made ice cream                D. A machine which made bubbly water

3) At first,, Americans bought soda water…

A.at ice cream shops.                                           B. at grocery stores.

C.at drug stores.                                                   D. Both A and C are correct.

4) Where does minerals water come from?

A.Soda fountains                                                 B. Ice machines

C.Machines                                                           D. Springs

5) “Soda” and “pop” are…

A.both mineral water.                                        B. both soda water.

C.the same thing.                                                 D. Both B and C are correct.

6) Bathing is…

A.drinking water.                                               B. washing with water.

C.selling bubbly water.                                     D. putting bubbles in water.

7) Bubbly water is…

A.good tasting.                                                   B. a drug.

C. fizzy.                                                                 D. cold.


1.          2.D              3.               4.     5.              6.           7.C

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