41. Reading Skills Comprehension: Story of an Innocent Boy

By | July 10, 2021
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 A story of an Innocent Boy

A young boy lay on the grass, with his face buried in his hands. His beloved had asked him to bring her a red rose, only then would she dance with him at the party to be given by the prince. A Nightingale had seen and heard all this. She felt sorry for the boy and determined to help him. She flew to a Rose-tree to ask for a red rose. The tree expressed its helplessness and said it bore only white roses. However, the tree advised the Nightingale to seek the help of the Rose-tree that grew beneath the window of the young boy. The Nightingale immediately flew to the Rose-tree. This Rose-tree told her that the winter had destroyed all its leaves, and buds. The Rose-tree said that she should sing of love when the moon rose, with her heart pressed against one of its thorns. Only then could it bring out a red rose.

 2 When the moon rose, the Nightingale placed her heart on the thorn of the Rose-tree and began to sing. Since she had to finish her song before dawn, she pressed harder against the thorn. As a result, a pale rose appeared on one of the branches. The rose gradually became redder as the Nightingale pressed harder and harder. The thorn had pierced her heart, and her blood made the rose a deep red. By now the Nightingale was dead.

3 When the young boy saw the red rose in the morning, his joy knew no bounds. Plucking the flower, he rushed to his beloved’s house. There he found that the girl had been won over by a rich man, who had bought her precious jewels. The rose that she had wanted so eagerly, was now of little value to her.

4 The boy, completely ignorant of the sacrifice made by the Nightingale, now thought love to be a silly thing. He just went to his room, picked up a book and started reading.

Answer the following questions as briefly

(a) Why was the young boy lying on the grass with his face buried in his hands?                             

(b) What was the Nightingale’s reaction?                                                                              

 (c) What was the Nightingale asked to do to get the red rose?                                                        

(d) What made the rose a deep red?                                                                          

(e) The boy’s beloved said that she would dance with him if                                                         

 (f) The first Rose-tree could not help the Nightingale because                                      

(g) The rose became a deep red because                                                                                

 (h) A rich man had won over the girl because                                                                      


(a) His beloved had asked him to bring her a red rose, only then would she dance with him at the party.

(b) The nightingale determined to help him at any cost even by giving the blood of her heart.

(c). The nightingale was asked to seek the help of the Rose-tree that grew beneath the window of the young boy.

(d) The blood of the nightingale’s heart made the rose deep red.

(e) He would bring a red rose for her.

(f) as it bore only white roses.

(g) The rose became deep red as one of the thorns was pressing the nightingale’s heart and the blood coloured it red.

(h) he brought bought precious jewels for her.

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