65. Reading Skills Comprehension: Opportunities


Read the passage and answer the following questions:-

Our opportunities are great but let me warn you that when power outstrips ability, we ill fall on evil days. We should develop competency and ability which would help us utilize i.e. opportunities which are now open to us. From tomorrow morning—from midnight today e cannot throw the blame on the Britishers. We have to assume the responsibility ourselves what we do. A free India will be judged by the way in which it will serve the interests of Le common man in the matters of food, clothing, shelter and social activities. Unless we root it corruption in high places and root out every trace of nepotism, love of power, profiteering id black-marketing which have spoiled the good name of this country in recent times, we will it be able to raise the standards of efficiency in administration as well as in the production id distribution of the necessary goods of life.  

Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru referred to the great contribution which this country will make the promotion of world peace and the welfare of mankind. The Chakra, the Asokan wheel which is there in the flag embodies for us a great idea so dear to Asoka, the greatest of our emperors. Look at the words of H.G. Wells about him ‘Highnesses, Magnificence’s, Excellencies, lenities, Majesties. Among them all, he shines alone a star, Asoka the greatest of all monarchs’. e cut into rock his message for the healing of discords. If there are differences, the way in which you can solve them is by promoting concord. Concord is the only way by which we can t rid of differences. There is no other method which is open to us.

We are lucky in having for our leader, one who is a world citizen, who is essentially a monist, who possesses a buoyant optimism and robust good sense in spite of the perversity things and the hostility of human affairs. We believe that if India gains freedom, this Edom will be used not merely for the well-being of India but for Vishva Kalyana, world ace, the welfare of mankind.

(1)(a) When do we fall on evil days?                                                            

(b) How will a free India be judged?                                                     

 (c) What did Pandit Nehru refer to?                                                       

(d) What will India use its freedom for?                                                        

(2)(a) What is meant by the word `to go much faster’? (para 5)

 (i) profiteering     (ii) nepotism       (iii) outstrip         (iv) raise                                     

 (b) Which word in the passage means ‘favoritism’? (para 1)

 (i) consideration        (ii) shelters promoting           (iii) nepotism  (iv) concern        

 (c) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘production’? (para 1)

(i)consumption        (ii) distribution        (iii) excess     (iv) service                               

(d) Find the word from the passage opposite in meaning to ‘war’? (para 2)

 (i) welfare (ii) peace (iii) healing (iv) monarch                                                               


(1) (a) When the ability is overtaken by power, we will fall on evil days.

(b) A free India will be judged by the way in which it will serve the interests of the common man in matters of food, clothing, shelter and social activities.

(c) Pandit Nehru mentioned the great part that India will play in the promotion of world peace and the welfare of mankind.

 (d) India will use her freedom not only for her own well-being but for Tishva Kalyana’, world peace and the welfare of mankind.

 (2) (a) (iii) outstrip (b) (iii) nepotism (c) (i) consumption (d) (ii) peace

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