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By | February 28, 2023
Packing Class 9 Long Questions and Answers

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Packing Class 9 Questions and Answers

Important Long/ Detailed Answer Type Questions- to be answered in about 100 -150 words each

 Q.1. Who offered to pick the bag for the trip? Was he happy at his own offer


The author and his friends decided to go on holiday. The author thought he was an expert in packing, so he told his friends George and Harris that he would handle the packing. They quickly agreed to his suggestion, as George put on a pipe and sat down in an easy chair while Han-is put his legs up on a table and lit a cigar. The author felt bad for offering to pack because he was unhappy about how things turned out for him when he made this offer. He thought Harris and George would do everything for him, but when he was working and they were sitting around not doing anything, it made him extremely frustrated. On the other hand, he found himself unable to relax while others work and wanted to be a supervisor. Even though he enjoyed watching other people work and taking charge of their tasks, he found himself frequently doing his own work or sitting idle.

Q.2. Describe how the author packed the bag for going on a trip?

Ans. the narrator started packing. It seemed a longer job than he had thought it was going to be. At last, he finished packing. But Harris told him that he had not packed the boots. He opened the bag and packed the boots in. Then, when he was going to close it, an idea came to him. He was not sure whether he had packed his toothbrush. So he unpacked the bag and took everything out but could not find the toothbrush. Then he shook everything one by one. At last, he found his toothbrush in a boot. He repacked once more. Now George asked him if he had packed the soap. He decided not to do the packing again. But he found Ile had packed his tobacco-pouch in it. So he reopened the bag and repacked it. He was able to co e packing at 10.05 p.m

 Q3. Of the three, Jerome, George and Harris, who do you think is the best or the worst packer? Support your answer with details from the text                                                                                      (Textual)

 Ans: Jerome, George and Harris are equally clumsy and disorganised packers. Jerome takes a lot of time to pack the bag and George and Harris damage a lot of things while packing the hamper. Jerome works all by himself and his friends work together but the end results in both the cases remain the same – a terrible mess. Jerome first forgets to pack his boots and then forgets having packed his toothbrush. After unpacking twice, he again packs in his spectacles absentmindedly. George and Harris take upon themselves the task of packing the hamper with quite an elan but break a cup at the very outset. They falter many times while packing the huge pile of assorted things like cups, bottles, kettle, pies, tomatoes etc. They ‘misplace’ the butter and spread salt over everything. However, all three of them finally complete packing and leave the readers splitting with laughter at their clumsiness.

 Q4. How did the butter episode in the story cause nuisance?


The butter was an awkward problem in the story that caused a lot of chaos. First George knocked it over and Harris and George became stuck with the butter as it wouldn’t go into the kettle or could be taken out. Then, Harris managed to scrape it off the chair and somehow put it on his back. Later, while still unsure where they were or what they were doing, Harris accidentally sat on top of the now solid layer of butter, which then stuck to him. Two boys went searching to find the butter after they didn’t see where it was. Eventually, they found it in a unique place and realized that it was sitting behind Harris’s desk. This incident created a lot of mess, but also became the funniest part of the story.

Q 5. Do you find this story funny? What are the humorous elements in it?                           (Textual)

 Ans: The story is very funny with loud and boisterous humour. The chaos and confusion created by all the characters amuse the reader. The gap between their self-assessment and their actual capabilities makes us burst out laughing. The dog’s contribution to humour is no less significant.
Jerome’s sense of pride in his packing skills and the manner in which he is left alone to pack the bag is very funny. While Jerome expected to use the opportunity for bossing over his friends, they make him toil instead. The frequent forgetfulness of Jerome and the subsequent unpacking of the bag many times over dilute his hard work and amuse the reader. Harris and George’s faltering and fumbling while packing the hamper is very amusing and rib-tickling. The manner in which they pile up an assortment of things and then fail to pack them properly amuse the reader. The butter episode, in particular, generates side-splitting laughter.
 Montmorency, the dog, too adds to the humour with his habit of getting in the way of things. His indiscipline and animal-curiosity earn him curses and hits from his masters but he still manages to put his leg in the jam and chase lemons like rats.
Hence, all these instances lend humour to the story.

 Q6. When did the “horrible idea” occur to Jerome? Why was it a “horrible idea”?


What fuss does Jerome’s toothbrush often create for him?


“The horrible idea that struck me as soon as I finished packing in my boots was whether I had packed my toothbrush or not,” Jerome always forgets to pack his toothbrush. The idea was tiring because it made him worry and irritate him. It would cause him so much stress that at night he would dream that they had not packed their toothbrush. He would wake up on a bad morning, get out of bed, and hunt for it with anxiety. He would pack it twice, but then forget to use it in the morning, which meant that he would have to unpick it again. And whenever he was flailing for it, then end up losing it during the process. After using the machine, he would have trouble remembering to bring it in time and at the last minute, would have to rush upstairs to get it. To remedy this, he would carry it with him on the train, wrapped up into a knot. When Jerome realised he had to stop brushing his teeth with a toothbrush.