English MCQ On the Face of It Objective quiz Class 12 Part – 2

By | October 17, 2020

As per new education policy multiple choice questions hold 25 % weightage. In this page we are providing multiple choice questions in English. Go through them to find out your understanding of chapter with objective type questions for the chapter On the Face of It . These questions are examveda for you. These are from Vistas We assure you that these objective questions will help you to gain confidence. You can also download English MCQ pdf. These English MCQ are for class 12. In the further pages of edumantra.net you will find English grammar multiple choice questions with answers pdf. So Let’s dive in-

On the Face of It- Multiple Choice Questions in Quiz Part-2

On the Face of It

                                                                 By- Susan Hill


1. Derry is——- when Mr Lamb welcomes him to his garden repulsed

(a) surprised                                (b) angry

(c) curious                                     (d)emotinal 

2.Mr Lamb has——-an attitude

(a) negative                                 (b) crazy

(c) positive                                 (d) pessimistic

3.Mr. Lambfeels one must——-

 (a) survive                           (b) struggle with disability

(c) live fully                        (d) look for sympathy

4.Children called Mr Lamb——-

 (a) an old hat                       (b) a beast

 (c) Lamey-Lamb               (d) an ogre

5. Mr Lamb felt the name children called him by——

 (a) suited him                 (b) did not suit him

 (c) was outrageous         (d) was disgusting

6. Derry feels that Mr Lamb can cover up his handicap by———

(a) not walking                (b) wearing trousers

 (c) not meeting people (d) by being confident

7. ‘Why is one green growing plant called a ———and another a flower?’ asks Mr Lamb

 (a) thorn                 (b) grass                   (c) weed                  (d) fruit

8.Mr Lamb believes all living beings are the same – they all———

(a) breathe          (b) make mistakes       (c) grow               (d) make choices

9.Mr Lamb says. it’s all——–, Beauty and the Beast.

(a) relative        (b) unimportant           (c) God’s Grace          (d) destiny

10.Which fruit was Derry going to step on when he jumped over Mr Lamb’s garden?

 (a) Plums        (b) Crabapple                (c) Banana                 (d) Mango


1.(a) Surprised               
2. (c) positive
3.(c) live fully                 
4. (c) Lamey-Lamb
5. (a) suited him             
6. (b) wearing trousers
7. (c) weed                       
8. (c) grow
9. (a) relative                 
10. (b) Crab apple

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