On Killing a Tree – Quick Review of the Poem

By | July 16, 2023


ByGieve Patel


 1. What does the poet symbolize a tree too?

(A) a good tradition                                                    (B) a deep-rooted evil

(C) a noble thing                                                          (D) all of the above

Ans. (B) a deep-rooted evil

2. Can we kill a tree with a simple jab of the knife?

(A) yes                                                                             (B) no

(C) maybe                                                                     (D) not known

Ans. (B) no

3. What does a tree consume to grow?

(A) earth                                                                         (B) sky

(B) chopping                                                                 (D) none of the above

 Ans. (A) earth

4. What does a tree absorb in the process of growing?

(A) sunlight                                                                   (B) air

 (C) water                                                                       (D) all of the above

Ans. (D) all of the above

5. What can alone kill a tree?

(A) hacking                                                                   (B) chopping

 (C) hacking and chopping                                       (D) none of the above

Ans. (D) none of the above

6. What is needed to be pulled out to kill a tree?

(A) root                                                                           (B) leaves

(C) flowers                                                                     (D) fruit

 Ans. (A) root

7. What does the strength of a tree lie in?

(A) leaves                                                                      (B) root

(D) fruit                                                                          (C) flowers

 Ans. (B) root

8. What is scorching done by?

(A) the water                                                               (B) the earth

  (C) the heat of the sun                                            (D) the rain

Ans. (C) the heat of the sun

9. Chocking is done in the absence of :

(A)earth                                                                          (B)air

 (C) water                                                                        (D) sunlight

  Ans. (B) air

10. Where does the root remain hidden for years?

 (A) in the earth                                                          (B) in the water

(C) in the air                                                                (D) all of the above

 Ans. (A) in the earth

11. What is related to the death of roots?

  (A) pulling out                                                            (B) scorching

 (C) choking                                                                   (D) all of the above

  Ans. (D) all of the above

12. What happens to a tree’s bleeding bark?

(A) it heals soon                                                         (B) it heals in a big time

(C) it never heals                                                        (D) a tree’s bark never bleed

  Ans. (A) it heals soon

13. What will again expand to a tree’s full size?

 (A) roots                                                                         (B) green twigs

 (C) fruit                                                                           (D)flowers

 Ans. (B) green twigs

14. What is needed to kill a tree?

(A) a simple jab                                                           (B) hacking

 (C) choking                                                                   (D) pulling out the roots entirely

Ans. (D) pulling out the roots entirely

15. Who is the poet of the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’?

(A) Edward Lear                                                           (B) Gieve Patel

 (C) W.W.E. Ross                                                           (D) William Wordsworth

 Ans. (B) Gieve Patel

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