Noun Exercise- 2

By | February 16, 2019

The study of Noun English is based on a few things like Noun Chart, Noun Definition, Noun Examples. On edumantra, we provide all the relevant material as a noun in English has a very important place where you will find noun explanation, noun and verb relation, noun case as well as noun list. This is a complete noun lesson for noun form which can be converted into noun lecture. The lesson comprises noun meaning and examples. In this page, you will find noun number, noun quiz, noun rules, noun types, noun use, noun uncountable, noun-verb agreement, noun worksheet. You will be happy to know that the content is enriched with noun exercise noun phrase examples, countable and uncountable noun etc. So let’s dive in for a deeper understanding of noun-


  Change the gender of underlined nouns:

1. His son is an engineer.

(A) mother                              (B) father

(C) daughter                            (D) none

2. The hone is running.

 (A) colt                                   (B) filly

(C) bitch                                  (D) mare        

3. The bride was a girl of nineteen.

 (A) bridegroom; lady              (B) lad; lass

 (C) bridegroom; boy              (D) boy; bridegroom

4. A shepherd was grazing the sheep.

(A) shepherdess                      (B) lady


(C) shepherd                           (D) none

5. The princess was the friend of the poetess.

(A) poet; princess                    (B) princess; poet

(C) princess; poetess               (D) prince; poet

6. My uncle is a nog.

(A) uncle; poetess                   (B) aunt; poet

(C) aunt; poetess                     (D) none

7. The landlady, has a goose, a bitch and a roe.

(A) gander; dog; hind                          (B) landlord; gander; dog; hind

(C) landlady; gander; bitch; hind        (D) none

8. Who is this gentleman?

(A) gentlewomen                    (B) gentlelady

 (C) lady                                   (D) none

9. The king killed a lion.

(A) king; lion                            (B) queen; lioness

 (C) lioness; queen                  (D) none

10. Please help him, sir.

(A) her; madam                      (B) him; madam

(C) her; sir                               (D) none


1.(C)           2. (B)

3. (C)          4. (A)

5. (D)          6. (C)

7. (B)          8. (C)

9. (B)          10. (A)

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)


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