No Men Are Foreign- Theme, Title & Message


ByJames Kirkup

THEME of the Lesson – No Men Are Foreign

The theme of the poem “No Men are Foreign” is the oneness of mankind underneath the superficial differences of colour, race, nationality and faith. It presupposes that all human beings are brothers and sisters. Those who spread hatred and wage wars are criminals and deserve to be condemned. The poem also deals with the supremacy of love, accord, friendship and amity among all the people in this world.

 TITLE of the Lesson – No Men Are Foreign

 “No Men are Foreign” is an apt title for the poem, because it deals with the theme of universal brotherhood. Human beings all over the world have identical behaviour and the differences based on the manmade concepts of caste, creed, barriers etc. are unnatural. Every human being responds positively to love. Hence no human being is a foreigner or an outsider.

MESSAGE of the Lesson – No Men Are Foreign

This is a peace poem and gives a strong message to stop all wars and look upon humanity as a unified entity. The poet warns the rulers of all the countries that when they wage wars they not only injure the interests of those whom they hate but also injure themselves. They should know that peace brings prosperity and wars bring destruction. Hence, those who spread hatred and cause wars against their brothers and sisters in different parts of the world actually harm the cause of peaceful mutual co-existence.

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