Introduction of Chapter Mother’s Day Class 11

By | September 9, 2023
Introduction of Chapter Mother's Day Class 11

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Introduction of Chapter Mother’s Day Class 11

Mother’s Day deals with a social issue that affects women around the world. The position of a woman in We family is pitiable, both as a wife and as a mother. She is neglected and ordered about by everyone else in the family. Her duties are never-ending, without even a weekend break for recreation or change.
Priestley discusses this topic in a humorous and satirical manner. These are the two faces of woman- the liberated and assertive Mrs Fitzgerald demonstrates how the docile Mrs Pearson can become the mistress of her house. She suggests rough treatment as the only effective method.
Mrs Pearson shocks her family with her smoking and drinking habits, yet shock them even more when she tells them that she had switched bodies with her neighbour. Their only solution to Mrs Pearson’s problem is rather harsh and not very practical.

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