Mother’s Day- Introduction

By | October 7, 2021
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  Mother’s Day

                                                                        By- J.B. Priestley

 Introduction of the lesson- Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day deals with an issue that concerns all women the world over. The position of a woman in We family is pitiable both as a wife and as a mother. She is neglected and ordered about by the entire family. Her duties are unlimited, with no weekend break for recreation or change. Priestley discusses this issue in a humorous and satirical manner. Here are the two faces of woman—the liberated defiant and assertive Mrs Fitzgerald gives a practical demonstration of how the docile Mrs Pearson can become the mistress of her house. She suggests rough treatment as the only effective method. She shocks the family with her smoking, drinking and lighting mood. She is able to do so by using a spell and putting her own spirit into the body of her neighbour. They all feel miserable and agree to do what Mrs Pearson demands. The solution to the problem is a bit harsh, crude and not very practical.

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