Modal Exercises and Worksheets No. 9 & 10

By | July 2, 2021
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Rewrite the following sentences filling in the appropriate modal. Your choice should be from should, shouldn’t, may, may not, might and could.

1.[Pointing to a man]

 A: How old do you think he is?

 B: From his appearance, I think he————— is in his late fifties.

2. [Pointing to a woman]

A: How do you think she is?

B: She————— is more than thirty, going by her looks.

3. [In the USA you have to keep to your right.]

 You—————– find keeping to the right rather inconvenient.

4. They attend the meeting. They—————– were not happy with the dates.

5. This term he is working pretty hard. He————— even get an ‘A’ grade.

6. They—————- be arriving at any moment. The train has arrived already.

7. Let’s talk to him. He ————–finance the project.

8. The railways ————–be improved this year. They have made some provision in the budget.

9. A: How far is Mumbai from Delhi?

B: It———— is more than 1500 kilometres. It costs around four hundred rupees by a sleeper coach.

10. If I finish my work early, I —————come round to see you tonight.

11. Why not ask him? He———- lends you the money you need.

12. [There is somebody at the gate.]

A: Who —————it be?

 B: It ————– is the postman. He hasn’t been yet.


1.should           2. shouldn’t          

3. might           4. may not

5. May              6. should                

7. could            8. May

9. shouldn’t     10. May

11. might         12. could, could

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Keeping in view the context, rewrite the following sentences filling in the appropriate modal. Your choice should be from: will, must, have to, should, ought to, needn’t, don’t have to, shouldn’t and mustn’t.

1.I ————- leave otherwise I won’t get a bus.

2. I————– leave or else I will be late for work.

3. Candidates ————— write their roll number in figures and words clearly.

4. You———— smoke in public places.

5. You ————- cross the road only at the zebra crossing.

6. According to the agreement, we ——————pay the rent in advance.

7. You ———- pay attention to your physical fitness.

8. We ————- adopt the motto “Each one teaches one.”

9. She————- does this assignment if she doesn’t want to, but I think it will do her some good.

10. We ————– go to the office on the second and fourth Saturdays.

11. If you are riding a scooter or a motorbike, you ————– wear a helmet.

12. It is a horror film, children——————– be allowed in the hall.

13. [Doctor to Zareena]

Doctor: You —————– reduce your weight by 8 kilos.

 [Later Zareena to one of her friends]

Zareena: I ————– reduce my weight by 8 kilos.

14. We ————keep the noir city clean and green.

15. Prices are going up fast. The government ————– do something to control them.

16. Candidates —————- come for an interview at their own expenses.

17. We have got plenty of time. We —————-hurry


1.have to                     2. must

3. will                           4. shouldn’t

5. must                        6. have to, should

7. ought to,                  8. needn’t

9. don’t have to          10. shouldn’t

11. must                      12. mustn’t

13. must have to        14. ought to

15. should                   16. will

17. needn’t.

Download the above Exercise in PDF