Modal Exercises and Worksheets No. 7 & 8

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Fill in the blanks using suitable modals

1.Rashmi: Papa, we have long autumn vacations. We ………….visit our grandmother who has called us many times.

 Papa: My programme is not certain so far. It ……… clear by the weekend. We………… leave the station after that only.

 Rashmi:  ………..we take our puppy with us?

 Papa: You……….. if you so like.

 Mother: No. You………. not. It ………… be a cause of trouble to the whole family there.

Rashmi: That is my responsibility. You know it …………. not act against my wishes.

Mother: Well then it is all right.


1.must, should, will, can, may, can. will, will.

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Rewrite the following sentences filling in the appropriate modal. Your choice should be from must, will, can’t and won’t

1.He has topped in all the previous tests. He ———– top in the final test as well.

2. [at a small station]

 It————- is the Punjab Mail. The Punjab Mail passes around at quarter past nine and it is not even half past eight.

3. He ———— is very rich. He travels AC first class and stays in 5-star hotels.

4. With half the country affected by drought, we ————expect to achieve the projected growth rate.

5. A tiger ————- attack a human being unless he is starving.

6. The team ————-be arriving this morning. They have to play the first one-dayer tomorrow.

7. If red litmus paper is dipped in alkaline solution it————- turn blue.

8. [looking at a house from a distance]

I think we will be able to meet them. They ———— have left yet. The lights are all on.


1.will             2. can’t         

3. must         4. can’t

5. want         6. Must          

7. will           8. can’t

Download the above Exercise in PDF

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