Mijbil the Otter- Theme of the Story

By | August 20, 2020

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Mijbil the Otter

                                                By Gavin Maxwell

Plot/ Theme / Central Idea of the Lesson/ Literary Analysis of Mijbil the Otter/ Main Idea

The theme of the Story

 Gavin Maxwell lived in a cottage in Camusfearna, in the West Highlands in Scotland. When Maxwell’s dog Jonnie died, he became very sad. Life without a pet was quite lonely. When he visited Southern Iraq in 1959, he saw some Arab people having otters as pets. He also thought of having an otter. He named the otter, Mijbil. In the beginning, Mijbi was indifferent but he became quite intimate with the narrator. He faced a problem to transport the otter from Basra to England. Mijbil was packed in a box. Mijbil disappeared in the aeroplane when the box was opened. The air hostess helped him to find out Mijbil. In London, Mijbil remained a mystery for most of the people. They couldn’t recognise an otter. Some called Mijbil ‘a seal’ and some called him ‘a squirrel’. Others called him ‘a beaver’ and ‘a bear cub’. But the best question came from a labourer, “What is that supposed to be?” he asked.

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