Message Writing Format No-11 & 12

By | May 20, 2020
Message Writing Format No-11 & 12

Message writing is basically short composition and it is asked for 4 marks. These message writing examples depict message writing format which is common for class 6, 7, 8. Go through and learn how to write a message and find message writing exercises.

11. Gopal had the conversation given below with his brother Girl’s tutor, Mr Guru. Since he was going out immediately afterwards, he left a message for his brother. Read the conversation and write the message in not more than 50 words. Put the message in a box.

 Mr Guru: Hello, this is Mr Guru speaking. Could I please speak to Giri?

Gopal: I’m afraid he is not at home, Mr Guru.

Mr Guru: When is he likely to come back?

Gopal: In about one hour. Could I leave him a message?

Mr Guru:  Yes, please. Tell him that I won’t be able to make it today. I was supposed to come at six. However, I can come at six tomorrow. If that is inconvenient, he should call me at home after eight at night today to fix another time. Will you see that he gets the message?

Gopal: Yes, sir. I will.

Ans:-                                                               MESSAGE

4th June, 20…

9 p.m.


Mr Guru called up to say that he would not be able to come at six today but he could come at six tomorrow. If tomorrow’s time is inconvenient to you, ring him up after eight at his residence and fix another time.


Download the above Message in PDF (Printable)

12. Read the following telephonic conversation between Sonu and Nigam. Nigam is about to leave home for school and will not be able to meet his brother Rohit. He leaves a message for him. Write that message in not more than 50 words, and put the message in the box.

Sonu: Hello! Is that Rohit?

Nigam: He is not at home. I’m his brother, Nigam. Would you like to leave a message for him?

Sonu: I am his friend Sonu. Kindly tell him that we are going to Pragati Maidan where International Car Fair is on. In case he wants to accompany us, he should tell me by 5 p.m. We’ll pick him up on the way at 7 p.m. sharp.

Nigam: Great! Anything else?

Sonu: Tell him also that we may go to see the night show of ‘Thank You’. Why don’t you come along, Nigam?

Nigam: I’ll convey the message. Thanks, I won’t come as I have my Chemistry paper tomorrow.

Ans:-                                                               MESSAGE

10th May, 20…..

8 a.m.


Your friend Sonu called up to say that they are going to the International Car Fair at Pragati Maidan. They’ll come to pick you up at 7 p.m. They may go to the night show of ‘Thank You’. Call him by 5 p.m. to confirm.


Download the above Message in PDF (Printable)

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