CBSE Class 6 Message Format with Example- 1 & 2

By | April 16, 2020

Message writing is basically short composition and it is asked for 4 marks. These message writing examples depict message writing format which is common for class 6, 7, 8. Go through and learn how to write a message and find message writing exercises.

1.Read the following telephonic conversation which took place between Radhika and Gaurish. As Gaurish wishes to leave home immediately, he will not be able to meet his parents who have gone to the market. He leaves a message for his parents. Write the message for Gaurish in not more than 40 words.

Radhika : Hello, Is that Mr. Saxena’s residence?

Gaurish: Yes.

Radhika: May I speak to Mr. Saxena? I am Radhika, the roommate of his daughter, Nidhi. Gaurish: Papa is not at home as he has gone to the market. Is everything OK with Nidhi? I’m her brother. Gaurish.

Radhika: I’m sorry to inform you that Nidhi received an electric shock and is admitted to the Sanjeevani Hospital.

Gaurish : Oh! How did it happen?

Radhika: She was switching on the desert cooler when she received a shock and fell down unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital immediately. She is conscious now and wants to meet you and her parents.

Gaurish : Thank you very much for informing us. I’ll leave for the hospital immediately.

Radhika: That’s all right, Bye.

Gaurish: Bye.

Ans.                                                         MESSAGE

23″I March. 2015


Radhika, Nidhi’s roommate called to inform that Nidhi has been hospitalized. Nidhi received an electric shock and is admitted to the Sanjeevani Hospital. Don’t worry as she is conscious now and wants to meet us. I am going to the hospital and I’ll meet you both there soon.


Download the above Message in PDF

2.Imagine you are Gitika. Read the following conversation and write a suitable message for your mother in 50-60 words.

Ankita: Hi, didi! I’m Ankita on the line. Is aunty at home?

Gitika: No. she has gone to visit my grandparents. Is there any problem?

Ankita: No, I just wanted to inform her that we have a special ‘Havan’ tomorrow at 9 a.m. at out Place. My mother has specially invited all of you.

Gitika: Okay. Thanks! I’ll inform her and we will definitely come.

Ans.                                                                 MESSAGE

7th March, 2014                                                                                                                                                1 pm

Dear mom,

Ankita called when you were at grandma’s house.  On behalf of her mother. She invited all of us to a special Havan at their place at 9 a.m. tomorrow. I promised her that we would definitely attend the function.


Download the above Message in PDF

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