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MCQ Questions of My Childhood

1.APJ Abdul Kalam was born into a 

(a)Marathi family

(b)Tamil family

(c)Bengali Family

(d)Punjabi family

2. This Chapter “My Childhood” is take from the famous book

(a)Midnights Children


(c)Wings of Fire


3. What was the name of Abdul Kalam’s father?

(a)Jainulabdeen Kalam

(b)Rahim Kalam

(c)Ashraf Kalam

(d)Shihab Kalam

4. Abdul Kalam’s mother name was





5. As a young boy, Abdul was

(a)Tall and bright

(b)Short and fair

(c)Short with an undistinguished look

(d)Short and fat

6. Abdul’s ancestral house was built in the middle of Abdul

(a)18th century

(b)17th century

(c)20th century

(d)19th century

7. Abdul’s father was


(b)Strict and simple


(d)A scientist

8. Abdul’s father would avoid

(a)Inessential luxury and comfort

(b)Eating food

(c)Wearing clothes

(d)Taking medicines

9. As per, Abdul Kalam’s autobiography, he had a

(a)Harsh childhood

(b)Secured childhood

(c)Depressing childhood

(d)Painful childhood

10. Where was Abdul’s ancestral house situated?





11. How old was Abdul Kalam when the second world war broke out?





12. When did the second world war break out





13. Which seeds Abdul Kalam used to collect and sell to a shop at Mosque Street?





14. This habit of collecting and selling would help Abdul Kalam to earn some money equivalent to

(a)One INR

(b)10 INR

(c)10 paise

(d)1 anna

15. What was the name of Abdul’s brother in law?





16. Who would tell stories of World War to Abdul?

(a)His father

(b)His sister

(c)His mother

(d)His brother in law

17. Abdul would attempt to trace the stories of World War in the headlines of

(a)Amar Ujala



(d)The Statesman

18. What was the name of Abdul Kalam’s cousin who distributed newspapers?





19. Who helped Abdul Kalam to earn his first wages?

(a)His cousin

(b)His father

(c)His friend

(d)His brother in law

20. According to Abdul Kalam, he inherited his honesty and self-discipline

(a)From his father

(b)From his mother

(c)Both (a) and (b)

(d)From his grandfather

21. How many siblings did Abdul Kalam have?





22. How many brothers did Abdul Kalam have?





23. How many close friends did Abdul Kalam have in his childhood?





24. All his close friends were from

(a)Muslim orthodox family

(b)Hindu orthodox family

 (c)Christian orthodox family

(d)Jain orthodox family

25. The relationship of Abdul Kalam with his friends was very





26. During which ceremony did Abdul’s family arrange boats with special platforms for carrying idols?


(b)Shri Sita Rama Kalyanam


(d)Ganesh Chaturthi

27. What was the name of the school Abdul Kalam went to?

(a)Muslim Elementary School

(b)Shiksha Niketan

(c)Rameswaram Elementary School

(d)None of the above

28. The new teacher at Abdul’s school couldn’t tolerate

(a)Hindu Priest’s son sitting with a Muslim Boy


(c)Christians eating beef

(d)The heat of summer

29. The new teacher asked Abdul

(a)To get out from the class

(b)To go to another school

(c)To sit on the back bench

(d)To put up a smile

30. Usually, Abdul would sit beside _______ at school

(a)Ramanadha Sastry

(b)Rajiv Sastry

(c)Ramesh Sastry

(d)Rajkumar Sastry

31. Who was the father of Ramanadha Sastry?

(a)Rajkumar Satry

(b)Lakshmana Sastry

(c)Ramesh Sastry

(d)Aravindan Sastry

32. Who warned the teacher not to spread communal intolerance?

(a)Lakshmana Sastry

(b)Ramanadha Sastry

(c)Ramesh Sastry

(d)The principle of the school

33. What was the name of Abdul’s science teacher?

(a)Ramanujan Iyer




34. How was the wife of Abdul’s science teacher initially?





35. Abdul described his science teacher as a

(a)Handsome man

(b)An orthodox man

(c)A poor man

(d)A rebel

36. Wife of Abdul’s science teacher was horrified with the

(a)Communal violence

(b)Idea of Muslim boy invited to dine with them

(c)Terror of second world war

(d)The flood disaster

37. When SivasubramaniaIyer invited Abdul for the second time

(a)His wife took Abdul to the kitchen and served him food

(b)His wife asked him to go outside the house

(c)Abdul was deeply disappointed

(d)Abdul refused to accept the invitation

38. SivasubramaniaIyer’s aim was to

(a)Humiliate Abdul

(b)To break the social barriers that restricted people to mingle

(c)To fight in the second world war

(d)To become rich

39. Post second world war, India’s freedom was

(a)Already achieved

(b)Still long fetched


(d)Not possible

40. “Indians will build their own India”- Who said this?


(b)APJ Abdul Kalam

(c)Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

(d)Mahatma Gandhi


1.(b)Tamil family

2. (c)Wings of Fire

3. (a)Jainulabdeen Kalam

4. (b)Ashiamma

5. (c)Short with an undistinguished look

6. (d) the 19th century

7. (b)Strict and simple

8. (a)Inessential luxury and comfort

9. (b)Secured childhood

10. (a)Rameswaram


12. (c)1939

13. (d)Tamarind

14. (d)1 anna

15. (a)Jallaluddin

16. (d)His brother in law

17. (b)Dinamani

18. (c)Samsuddin

19. (a)His cousin

20. (c)Both (a) and (b)

22. (a)3
23. (c)3
24. (b)Hindu orthodox family
25. (a)Secular
26. (b)Shri Sita Rama Kalyanam
27. (c)Rameswaram Elementary School
28. (a)Hindu Priest’s son sitting with a Muslim Boy
29. (c)To sit on the back bench
30. (a)Ramanadha Sastry

31.(b)Lakshmana Sastry

32. (a)Lakshmana Sastry

33. (c)SivasubramaniaIyer

34. (c)Conservative

35. (d)A rebel

36. (b)Idea of Muslim boy invited to dine with them

37. (a)His wife took Abdul to the kitchen and served him food

38. (b)To break the social barriers that restricted people to mingle

39. (c)Imminent

40. (d)Mahatma Gandhi

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