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The Little Girl Very Short Question Answer

      By- Katherine Mansfield

1. What was the name of the little girl?

 Ans. Her name was Kezia

2. To the little girl who was a figure to be feared and avoided?

 Ans. To the little girl, her father was a figure to be feared and avoided.

3. How did the little girl feel when her father left for the office in the morning?

 Ans. She felt relieved.

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4. What WAS the little girl’s fault when she appeared before her father?

Ans. Before her father, she stuttered badly.

5. What did Kezia always find her father and mother doing on Sunday afternoons?

Ans. She always found her mother reading and father stretched out on the sofa.

6. On what occasion did Kezia’s grandmother ask her to present a gift to her father?

Ans. She asked Kezia to present a gift to her father on the occasion of his birthday.

7. What gift did Kezia prepare for her father?

Ans. She prepared a pin-cushion for her father.

8. What did Kezia stuff the pin-cushion with?

Ans. She stuffed the pin-cushion with the paper’s on which her father’s important speech was written

9. Who was ‘the Macdonalds’?

Ans. They were Kezia’s next door neighbour.

10. How many children did Mr Macdonald have?

Ans. He had five children.

11. How many brothers and sisters did Kezia have?

Ans. Kezia had no brothers or sisters, she was the only child of her parents.

12. Why was there hue and cry on the loss of the papers in the house?

Ans. There was so much hue and cry in the house on the loss of the papers because the father’s great speech for the Port Authority was written in them.

13. Why was Kezia left alone one night with her father?

Ans. Kezia’s mother was ill and the grandmother went with her to the hospital.

14. Who was Alice?

Ans. Alice was the cook in Kezia’s house.

15. What was Kezia’s nightmare?

Ans. Kezia saw a butcher with a knife in her nightmare. 

16. Name the writer of the lesson ‘The Little Girl’.

Ans. Katherine  Mansfield.

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