Learn English Grammar Determiners Exercises-4,5,6 & 7

By | September 10, 2018

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 Complete the passage given below by choosing the appropriate options:

Traditionally, Ilkal saris were made using natural indigo dyes. Then, in the 1970s, (a) _________   synthetic German indigo replaced (b) _________  (that/this/these/those) vat dyeing process. Today, this has given way to naphtha based dyes. The famed and centuries old indigo dyeing is now on the verge of extinction. As the new generation steps into more profitable avenues the skyline of Ilkal is fast changing too. “The (c) _________ (more/most/much/a little) profitable business in the area now is granite,” states (d) _________ (a/an/the/any) weaver. With (e) _________  (that/this/their/those) stone being available in plenty(f)  _________ (their/there/here/somewhere) a number of granite selling agencies and chimneys of granite processing units are proliferating all over. As more and (g) _________   (much/ more/many/some) of town’s younger citizens step into newer ventures like that of selling stones, the loom may become a mere memory. It will be a sad day for (h) _________  (more/much/many/most).


(a) the                          (b) this                      

(c) most                       (d) a                         

(e) this                         (f) here

(g) more                      (h) many

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Complete the passage given below by filling in the blanks with suitable determiners:      

Liberalization in economy has brought (a) _________ (more/much/many/most).multinationals serving the fast foods through their own counters. Big names like Macdonalds, Wimpeys, Pizza Huts and Kentuckies are quite familiar to (b) _________ (more/much/many/most).  Residents of big cities in India. In Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata attractive fast food corners tempt (c) _________ (more/much/many/most).customers. The young generation is (d) _________  (more/much/many/most). Crazy after the fast foods. This has given birth to (e) _________  (more/much/many/most). New culture. The food habits of the people are changing fast. Young college and university students frequently visit Macdonalds, Wimpeys or Pizza Huts to entertain (f)  _________  girl friends or classmates. Similarly, the young office-goers in the big cities (g) _________   longer carry their tiffin boxes with them. They prefer sandwiches, hotdogs or burgers to regular meals at lunch. (h) _________     do the people realize the health hazards involved in consuming the fast foods.


 (a) many                (b) the                      

(c) many                 (d) much        

(e) a                        (f) their

 (g) no                    (h) Anyway

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Exercise 6

Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners.

(i)………..books are missing from the library. (Any, Some)

(ii)She has not solved ………..sums. (many, any)

(iii) This book is mine but……….. is yours. (that, any)

(iv)  ………. boys have done their work. (That, These)

(v)He didn’t make……….. progress. (much, many)

(vi) He has forgotten………. of the details. (some, many)

(vii) The District Magistrate visited………… flood affected area. (every, either)

(viii) ………… villa is this? (Whose, What)

(ix) He is the…………. boy who has joined this gym. (first, whose)

(x) I met her …………week. (this, those)


(i) Some

(ii) many

(iii) that

(iv) These

(v) much

(vi) some

(vii) every

(viii) Whose

(ix) first

(x) this.

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Exercise 7

Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners.

(i)Does your cow give ……….. milk? (much, many)

(ii)Ramesh bought ……….. ice-cream for the family. (some, many)

(iii)Good manners are needed ………. where. (every, each)

(iv)The calves were grazing in the field with …………mothers for many years. (that, their)

(v)…………answer is correct. (Neither, Either)

(vi) I shall meet him ……….. week. (next, last)

(vii) Did you see ……….. persons at dinner? (much, many)

(viii) I have watched ………….. movie of late B.R. Chopra. (every, many)

(ix)  ………….shop should we go in? (Which, Whose)

 (x) Give me ………… advice on how to improve my writing skills. (some, many)

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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