Learn English Grammar Determiners Exercises-1,2&3

By | September 10, 2018

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Direction:  Select the most appropriate determiner to fill in the blanks:

1.Is there _________ ice cream left in the bowl?

(1) few                                 (2) some                              (3) any                                  (4) many

2.I need _________ money.

(1) many                              (2) several                           (3) some                              (4) any

3.We have not had _________ rain this monsoon.

(1) much                              (2) some                              (3) a little                             (4) more

4._________ people think it is a difficult proposition.

(1) much                              (2) several                           (3) less                                  (4) none of these

5.He has _________ knowledge of the language.

(1) lot                                    (2) many                              (3) little                                (4) few

6._________ men know the tricks of the trade.

(1) much                              (2) any                                  (3) few                                  (4) none of these

7.The President spoke_________ words.

(1) any                                  (2) a few                              (4) a little                             (4) little

8.He took _________ side in the argument between the two brothers.

(1) either                             (2) neither                          (3) every                             (4) none of these

9._________ child wore a red dress.

(1) each                                (2) every                              (3) some                              (4) several

10I often go to _________  the market on this day.

 (1) some                             (2) each                                (3) any                                 (4) none of these


1.(3) any

2.(3) some

3.(1) much

4.(2) several

5.(3) little

6.(3) few

7.(2) a few

8.(2) neither

9.(2) every

10.(4) none of these

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Choose the best determiner from the options given in the brackets to complete the following passage:

I felt stupid, being made to stand on (a) _________ desk while the other kids were bent over (b) _________ notebooks. I couldn’t understand (c) _________  new school or my new classmates, or their alien language–English—and (d) _________  fact that they could do sums in their head, while I struggled with a paper and pencil. For me, at age six, the good times had ended. Life seemed a far cry from those days in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. (e) _________ thanks to my grandfather’s reflected glory. He was (f) _________ military doctor, a great man, and I lived with him. And so even policemen gave me affectionate salaams, which I learned to acknowledge (g) _________ with a nod. I’d simply lay (h) _________   head down on the desk and sleep in class, if bored. I was a pampered little prince.

(a)(i)a                     (ii )the              (iii)an                       (iv)any

(b)(i) his               (ii ) our             (iii) their                    (iv) those

(c)his                   (ii)your              (iii)my                        (iv)her

(d)(i)a                 (ii)the                 (iii)an                         (iv)any

(e)(i)some         (ii)all                  (iii)little                      (iv)few

(f)(i)the             (ii)an                   (iii)a                          (iv)any

(g) (i)little         (ii)a little           (iii)some                     (iv)few

(h)(i)his             (ii)my                 (iii)her                        (iv)their


 (a) a                      (b) their          

(c) my                    (d) the             

(e) All                     (f) a

 (g) a little              (h) my

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Complete the passage given below by choosing the appropriate options:  

It is (a) ________ (a/an/the/any) age of cut-throat competition. Everyone seems to be (b) ________ (the/ any/a/an) rival here. But the heat of competition is felt (c) ________ (most/much/more/some) acutely in the academic world. Students are worried about their uncertain future. Most of the parents want that (d) ________  (this/that/there/their) children should become engineers or doctors. They don’t want to leave (e) ________ (anyone/someone/anything/something) to chance. They don’t trust the ability and competence of (f) ________ (our/their/my/our) children. Sending their children to coaching centres has become (g) ________ (a/an/the/any) obsession with them. It has resulted in the mushrooming of coaching centres in (h) ________ (many/every/this/that) town and city throughout the country.


(a) the                         (b) a             

(c) most                      (d) their          

(e) anything                (f) their

(g) an                          (h) every

Download the above Exercise in PDF (Printable)


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