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By | September 22, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Landscape of the Soul. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Landscape of the Soul Word Meanings from Hornbill Class 11.”

Hard Words : Landscape of the Soul Page – 34

landscapethe portion of land which one can view at a single glance, भूद्रश्य; commissionedordered, commanded, made on demand, अधिकृत किया जान ा; hiddenkept behind a curtain. छिपाकर रखा ;Immensevast, विस्तृत ; dwellslives; clappedbeat, बजाई ;

entrancedoorway, प्रवेश द्धार ; splendidgrand, शानदार ;conveycommunicate, express, संप्रेषित करना ; astonishedtaken by surprise; utterspeak, बोलना ;vanisheddisappeared, गायब हो गया ; tracesign, निशान classicalbased on ancient knowledge, शास्त्रीय;

Confuciusa Chinese philosopher, एक चीनी धर्मगुरु; disciplepupil, शिष्य; anecdotea short event or story, लघु कथा ; revealingdisclosing expressive, व्यक्त करने वाली

Landscape of the Soul Difficult Words in English Page-35

Consideredregarded; contrastmark the difference. अंतर देखो ;dragona mythical or imaginary reptile with wings, पंखवाला नाग ; Flandersa country; professionjob, vocation, व्यवसाय; sneakedentered secretly, चोरी छिपे आया ;panela piece of wood on which a picture is painted, फलक ;

delicate realismsoft truthfulness, वास्तविकता ; swatgive a hard blow, भागना;realisedcame to know,पता लगा ;apprenticetrainee,प्रशिक्षित ;Illustrateshow, make clear. प्रकट करना ; illusionisticcausing illusion, भ्रांतिजनक ;likenesssimilarity, essencegist,सार;

commissionsorders to be painted; appreciatesadmires; revealsexplains, बताता है ;Daothe path or the method, universethe entire visible world, ब्रह्माण्ड; landscapepainting, भूद्रश्य चित्र ;figurativeflowery, ;प्रतीकात्मक;

specific angledefinite point;leisurelyslow and peaceful; specifictypical, definite, विशिष्ट; horizontalparallel to level ground. समानान्तर; scrolla roll of paper. सूचीपत्र पट्टिका; dimensionextent, आयाम; participationactivity, taking part. भाग लेन ा; conceptualpertaining to mind or idea, अवधारणा संबंधी

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Landscape of the Soul Page – 36

ConceptIdea, अवधारणा ;elementsessential parts, तत्व; Imagepicture, मूर्ति का चित्र ; complementarytogether making up a whole, पूरक; reflectingshowing, explaining; verticallyIn a perpendicular manner; stablefirm, ; fluidliquid substance, तरल; moistwet, गीला; 

interactionunion, reciprocal action, पारस्परिक क्रिया ;receptivethe receiving end; counterpartcomplementary part, पूरक अंग ; fundamentalbasic. मूलभूत; essentialnecessary, primary, आधारभूत; notionIdea, विचार; retainhold on, keep;

suspensionstoppage, विलम्बन, voidempty space, शून्य; meditationcontemplation,मननचिन्तन;occurstakes place; conduitchannel, pipe; oppressedweighed down,दबाया गय ा; loftyhigh, ऊँची; getting inside’Outsider Art’: mootedfirst gave art brut

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