Kathmandu- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

By | July 20, 2021


 ByVikram Seth

Very Short Answer Type Important Questions

1. Which two temples did the author visit in Kathmandu?

Ans. The author visited Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu.

2. What signboard is there outside the Pashupatinath temple?

 Ans. The signboard outside Pashupatinath temple is ‘Entrance for Hindus only’.

3. What does everyone do to the Nepalese Princess in the temple?

Ans. Everyone bows to the princess and makes way for her.

4. Which river flows through Kathmandu?

Ans. The Bagmati river flows through Kathmandu.

5. How is the atmosphere at the Pashupatinath temple?

Ans. The atmosphere at the Pashupatinath temple is full of confusion.

6. How is the atmosphere at the Baudhnath Stupa?

Ans. At Baudhnath Stupa there is an atmosphere of stillness.

7. Who owned most of the shops in Kathmandu?

Ans. Tibetan immigrants owned most of the shops in Kathmandu.

8. Flow does the author decide to take his return journey to Delhi?

Ans. He decides to come back by the plane of Nepal Airlines.

9. Who does the writer see in at square of Kathmandu?

Ans. He sees a flute seller.

10. Who is the writer of the lesson Kathmandu?

Ans. The author of the lesson Kathmandu is Vikram Seth.

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