Iswaran the Storyteller – Quick Review of the Chapter

By | February 8, 2023
Iswaran the Storyteller - Quick Review of the Chapter


                 By- R.K. Laxman


  1. Who is the narrator of the story ‘Iswaran the Storyteller’?

 (A) Ganesli                                                                         (B) Mahendra

(C) Iswaran                                                                         (D) R.K. Laxman Ms.

Ans. (B) Mahendra

  1. Whom does Mahendra narrate the story of Iswaran.?

(A) Ganesh                                                                         (B) Iswaran

(C) R.K. Laxman                                                                                (D) none of these

Ans. (A) Ganesh

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  1. What was Mahendra’s job ?

 (A) he was the manager of a cinema                       (B) he worked in a government office

(C) he was a supervisor in a construction company(D) he was a storyteller

Ans. (C) he was a supervisor in a construction company

  1. What was Mahindra’s marital status ?

(A) married                                                                         (B) widower

 (C) engaged and going to be married soon          (D) bachelor

Ans.. (D) bachelor

  1. What was the name of Mahendra’s cook ?

 (A) Iswaran                                                                        (B) Ganesh

(C) Ramu                                                                             (D) Shankaran

Ans. (A) Iswaran

  1. Iswaran had an amazing capacity. What was it ?

(A) falling down big trees                                             (B) producing vegetables and cooking ingredients

(C) telling lies                                                                     (D) cheat shopkeepers

Ans.. (B) producing vegetables and cooking ingredients

  1. What books did Iswaran read ?

 (A) Tamil thrills                                                                 (B) Urdu stories

 (C) Hindi novels                                                               (D) Punjabi stories

Ans.. (A) Tamil thrills

  1. What was the special feature of his stories ?

 (A) light humour                                                              (B) satire on system

(C) tragic ending                                                               (D) suspense and a surprise ending

Ans.. (D) suspense and a surprise ending

  1. How does Iswaran describe a fallen tree ?

 (A) a huge mountain                                                     (B) a huge building

 (C) an enormous bushy beast                                   (D) a small thing

Ans.. (C) an enormous bushy beast

  1. In Iswaran story from where the tusker escaped ?

 (A) cage                                                                              (B) timber yard

 (C) forest                                                                            (D) circus

Ans.. (B) timber yard

  1. How was the mad elephant breaking the walls ?

 (A) like toys                                                                       (B) like kettles

(C) like matchsticks                                                          (D) like puppets

Ans.. (C) like matchsticks

  1. Why did the people run helter-skelter in panic ?

 (A) to see the tiger                                                         (B) to see a giant

(C) to see a giant                                                              (D) none of these

 Ans.. (B) to see the mad elephant

  1. When the elephant entered the school ground in which class was Iswaran studying ?

(A) junior                                                                             (B) senior

 (C) 10th                                                                               (D) 12th

Ans.. (A) junior

  1. From where was Iswaran watching this incident

(A) from a room                                                                               (B)from the cupboard

(C) from a tree                                                                  (D) from the rooftop

Ans.. (D) from the rooftop

  1. What did Iswaran do to tackle the wild elephant ?

(A) hit on his trunk                                                          (B) hit on his third toenail

(C),sit on his neck with an iron goad                        (D) pricked his trunk with a needle

Ans.. (B) hit on his third toenail

  1. What happened to the elephant when Iswaran hit on the third toenail of the elephant ?

(A) grunted loudly and collapsed on the                                (B) ran away from there ground

(C) caught Iswaran in his trunk and threw him    (D) made friendship with lswaran away

Ans.. (A) grunted loudly and collapsed on the ground

  1. Why was a veterinary doctor summoned ?

 (A) to treat lswaran                                                        (B) to treat the elephant

 (C) to take the elephant away from there           (D) all the options are correct

 Ans.. (B) to treat the elephant

  1. Where did the school boys hide themselves to see the mad elephant ?

(A) on trees                                                                        (B) in thcir houses

(C) in their classrooms                                                   (D) in the Headmaster’s room

Ans. (C) in their classrooms

  1. Who is a mahout ?

 (A) a labourer                                                                   (B) an elephant’s driver

(C) a cook                                                                            (D) a writer

Ans.. (B) an elephant’s driver

  1. Which art helped Iswaran to bring down the beast ?

(A) boxing                                                                           (B) wrestling

(C) ju-jitsu                                                                           (D) yoga

Ans. (C) ju-jitsu

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