Insurance Complaint Letter: Claim Rejection | Sample & Requirements

By | October 13, 2023
Insurance Complaint Letter

Navigating the complexities of insurance claims can be daunting, especially when faced with a rejection. A well-crafted complaint letter is helpful in addressing this challenge. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to compose a compelling complaint letter to your insurance company, ensuring your voice is heard and increasing the chances of a favorable resolution. Read the requirements, steps and find a perfect sample.

1. Understanding the Basis of Rejection:

Before penning your complaint letter, it’s crucial to understand the reasons behind the claim rejection.
Review the denial letter and identify the specific grounds mentioned. This will form the basis of your complaint and help you address the issue accurately.

2. Gathering Supporting Documents:

Collect all relevant documents such as medical reports, bills, and correspondence with the insurance company. These will serve as evidence to support your complaint and strengthen your case.

3. Structuring Your Letter:

   – Start with Personal Information:

Begin the letter with your name, address, contact details, and policy number.

   – Address the Right Person/Department:

Address the letter to the appropriate authority or department mentioned in the denial letter.

   – State the Purpose:

Clearly state the purpose of your letter – to raise a complaint regarding the claim rejection.

   – Detail the Issue:

Outline the specifics of the claim and the reasons for rejection as stated by the insurance company. Counter these with your arguments and supporting evidence.

   – Seek Resolution:

Clearly state what resolution you are seeking – whether it’s a review of the decision, a detailed explanation, or immediate approval of the claim.

   – End Politely:

Conclude the letter politely, expressing hope for a prompt and positive resolution.

4. Maintaining Professional Tone:

   While it’s natural to feel frustrated, maintaining a calm and professional tone is key. Be firm but courteous, and avoid aggressive or accusatory language.

5. Following Up:

After sending the letter, ensure to follow up with the insurance company regularly. Keep records of all communications and be persistent in seeking a resolution.

If your complaint remains unresolved, consider seeking legal advice. A lawyer can guide you on the next steps and help you navigate the legal avenues available.


Writing a complaint letter to an insurance company for claim rejection can be a pivotal step in resolving your issue. By understanding the rejection, gathering evidence, structuring your letter effectively, and maintaining a professional tone, you increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Remember, persistence is key, and seeking legal advice may be a viable option if initial efforts don’t yield results.

Call to Action:

If you’ve experienced a claim rejection and are seeking guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional advice. Empower yourself with knowledge and take the necessary steps to ensure your concerns are addressed and your rights are upheld.

Insurance Complaint Letter: Claim Rejection | Sample-

[Your Name] 

[Your Address] 

[City, State, Zip Code] 

[Email Address] 

[Phone Number] 


[Insurance Company Name] 

[Attn: Claims Review Department] 

[Insurance Company Address] 

[City, State, Zip Code]

Re: Policy Number: [Your Policy Number] 

Claim Number: [Your Claim Number] 

Claimant: [Your Full Name]

Dear Claims Review Department,

I am writing to formally complain about the rejection of my claim number [Your Claim Number], which I received notice of on [Date of Rejection Notice]. I find the grounds for this denial unjustified and request a thorough review of my case.

The rejection letter states that my claim was denied due to [Specific Reason Mentioned in the Denial Letter]. However, I believe this decision overlooks several key pieces of information and documentation that I had submitted, demonstrating the validity and urgency of my claim. Attached, please find copies of [List of Supporting Documents, e.g., Medical Reports, Bills, etc.] that substantiate my case.

I had adhered to all the necessary protocols and procedures when filing the claim, and I had provided all requested documentation in a timely manner. The denial of this claim has caused significant stress and financial strain, and I believe a reassessment is not only fair but also imperative.

I kindly request the following:

1. A comprehensive review of my claim and the attached supporting documents.

2. A detailed explanation of the reasons for denial, considering the provided evidence.

3. Prompt communication regarding the progress and outcome of this complaint.

I am hopeful for a swift and positive resolution to this matter and am willing to provide any additional information or documentation required for the review. I believe that a fair assessment will demonstrate that my claim is legitimate and warrants approval.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this serious matter. I look forward to your prompt response and am available at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] for any further discussions or clarifications.


[Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)]

[Your Typed Name]

cc: [Your Insurance Agent’s Name] 

[Your Legal Advisor, if applicable] 

[Any other relevant parties]

Enclosures: [List of documents you are submitting, if applicable]