In the Kingdom of Fools- Quick Review of the Chapter

In The Kingdom of Fools

By- A.K. Ramanujan’s


1.In the Kingdom of Fools, how were the king and the minister?

(A) clever                                            (B) kind

(C) idiot                                                (D) intelligent

Ans. (C) idiot

2.What did the king and the minister decide to do?

 (A) they decided to give money to everyone      (B) they decided to change the day into night and night into day

 (C) they decided to change their capital                 (D) they decided to punish all the wise men in their kingdom

 Ans. (B) they decided to change the day into night and night into day

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3.In the Kingdom of Fools when did the men work?

(A) during the day                                                                   (B) during the night

 (C) in the morning                                                          (D) when the sun was extremely hot

Ans. (B) during night

4.In the Kingdom of Fools when did the people sleep?

 (A) during the day                                                                  (B) during the night

 (C) after six months                                                       (D) they never slept

 Ans. (A) during day

5.What punishment was given to the person who disobeyed the order?

(A) heavy fine                                                                   (B) one-week imprisonment

(C) life imprisonment                                                     (D) death penalty

 Ans. (D) death penalty

6.Who reached in the Kingdom of Fools?

(A) a guru and his disciple                                             (B) two thieves.

 (C) two young men                                                        (D) two tradesmen

Ans. (A) a guru and his disciple

7.What was the name of the currency in the Kingdom of Fools?

 (A) rupee                                                                           (B) duddu

(C) dollar                                                                              (D) pound

Ans. (B) duddu

8.What did everything cost in the Kingdom of Fools?

(A) a duddu                                                                        (B) two duddus

(C) five duddus                                                                                 (D) ten duddus

Ans. (A) a duddu

9.What did the guru think about living in the Kingdom of Fools?

 (A) enjoying the life fully                                             (B) was a good idea

 (C) tension free life                                                        (D) not a good idea

Ans. (D) not a good idea

10.What was the disciple’s opinion about living there?

(A) he wanted to live there and enjoy good        (B) he did not want to live there and cheap food

 (C) he was afraid of the fools                                     (D) all the options are correct

Ans. (A) he wanted to live there and enjoy good and cheap food

11.Who became fat like a street-side sacred bull?

 (A) the guru                                                                       (B) the disciple

 (C) the king                                                                        (D) the minister

Ans. (B) the disciple

12.In whose house did the thief break into?

(A) the minister                                                                (B) the disciple

 (C) a rich merchant                                                         (D) the goldsmith

Ans. (C) a rich merchant

13.The wall of the house collapsed on the thief. What happened to him?

(A) his leg was broken                                                   (B) his head injured

 (C) he was seriously Injured                                       (D) lie died on the spot

Ans. (D) he died on the spot

14.After the thief’s death who ran to the king for justice?

 (A) the thief’s brother                                                                  (B) the merchant 

(C) the disciple                                                                  (D) the mason

 Ans. (A) the thief’s brother

15Whom did the thief’s brother blame for his brother’s death?

 (A) the king                                                                       (B) the minister

 (C) the rich merchant                                                    (D) the thief himself

Ans. (C) the rich merchant

16.Who did the king summon for the first time?

(A) the disciple                                                                  (B) the thief’s brother

 (C) the merchant                                                            (D) the mason

Ans.. (C) the merchant

17.Who did the rich merchant blame for the weak wall?

 (A) his father                                                                    (B) the thief

 (C) the bricklayer                                                            (D) to himself

 Ans. (C) the bricklayer

18.Who was summoned next to the rich merchant?

 (A) the bricklayer                                                             (B) the dancer

(C) the goldsmith                                                             (D) the disciple

Ans. (A) the bricklayer

19.How was the bricklayer produced before the king?

 (A) in a chariot                                                                  (B) on a horse’s back

 (C) tied hand and foot                                                  (D) without any chains

 Ans. (C) tied hand and foot

20.Who did the bricklayer hold responsible for making a weak wall?

 (A) the rich merchant                                                    (B) the dancing girl

 (C) the disciple                                                                  (D) the minister

Ans. (B) the dancing girl

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