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By | October 2, 2023
Hard Words The Banyan Tree Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Banyan Tree. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Banyan Tree Word Meanings from Honeysuckle Class 6.”

Hard Words : The Banyan Tree Page No.- 91

Classic = traditional, typical (पारंपरिक), Outcome = result, conclusion (परिणाम), Immune = resistant, not affected (प्रतिरोधी), Venomous = poisonous, toxic (विषैला), Posture = stance, position (मुद्रा), Defence = protection, guarding (रक्षा),

Sweeping = wide-ranging, extensive (चारों ओर घूमता हुआ, Strike = hit, attack (प्रहार, Quick-moving = fast, agile (तेज़ गति से चलनेवाला, Discourages = demoralizes, disheartens (निराश करना, Leap = jump, bound (छलांग), Severing = cutting off, disconnecting (काट देना)

The Banyan Tree Difficult Words in English Page No.- 92

Belonged = owned by, attributed to (स्वामित्व में होना), Magnificent = grand, splendid (शानदार), Banyan tree = large fig tree, shade tree (बरगद का पेड़), Chiefly = mainly, primarily (मुख्य रूप से), Spreading = expanding, stretching (फैलता हुआ), Branches = limbs, boughs (शाखाएं),

Twisting = winding, turning (मोड़ता हुआ), Passages = pathways, routes (मार्ग), Endless = unceasing, infinite (अनंत) , Squirrels = rodents, tree animals (गिलहरी), Snails = molluscs, shell creatures (घोंघे) ,

Hide = conceal, cover (छिपाना), Spy = observe, watch (गुप्त देखना), Arching = bending, curving (आकार बनाना), Resent = dislike, begrudge (नाराज होना), Invasion = intrusion, entry (आक्रमण),

Catapult = slingshot, launcher (गुलेल), Air gun = pellet gun, shooter (वायु बंदूक), Morsels = bits, pieces (तुकड़े), Delving = digging, searching (खोजना) , Helping himself = taking, grabbing (स्वयं लेना), Relative = kin, family (संबंधी)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Banyan Tree Page No.- 93

Foolish = unwise, naive (मूर्ख), Headstrong = stubborn, determined (ज़िद्दी), Trusting = believing, confident (विश्वास करना), Spring = season, bloom (वसंत), Figs = fruit, berry (अंजीर) , Flock = gather, group (झुंड), Cheerful = happy, bright (प्रसन्न), Greedy = eager, desirous (लालची),

Squabbling = arguing, quarreling (झगड़ा), Noisiest = loudest, clamorous (शोरीला) , Halfway = middle, midway (बीच में), Crude = simple, raw (कच्चा), Propping = supporting, upholding (समर्थन) , Treasure Island = story, adventure (खजाने का द्वीप)  

English Difficult Words of Chapter The Banyan Tree Page No.- 94

Classic = traditional, typical (शास्त्रीय), Mongoose = mammal, weasel-like (नेवला), Breezes = light wind, gusts (हलकी हवा), Drowsy = sleepy, lethargic (ऊंघ), Pond = small lake, water body (तालाब), Swim = bathe, dive (तैरना), Buffaloes = large animals, cattle (भैंस),

Gliding = sliding, moving smoothly (फिसलता हुआ), Clump = cluster, bunch (झुंड), Clearing = open space, area (खुला स्थल), Aggressive = forceful, assertive (आक्रामक), Skilful = adept, expert (निपुण),

Swiftly = quickly, rapidly (तेजी से), Strike = attack, hit (हमला), Fangs = long teeth, sharp points (नुकीले दांत), Battle = fight, confrontation (लड़ाई), Champions = winners, best (विजेता)

The Banyan Tree Word Meaning in English Page No.- 95

Defiance = resistance, challenge (विरोध), Forked = divided, branched (फूटा हुआ) , Mongoose = mammal, weasel-like (नेवला), Bush = thicken, fluff up (झाड़), Spine = backbone, vertebral column (रीढ़), Combatants = fighters, participants (योधा),

Presence = existence, attendance (उपस्थिति), Spectators = viewers, onlookers (दर्शक), Preparations = arrangements, plans (तैयारियां) , Outcome = result, consequence (परिणाम), Content = satisfied, happy (संतुष्ट)

The Banyan Tree English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 96

Mesmerise = hypnotise, spellbind (मोहित करना), Opponent = rival, adversary (प्रतिद्वंद्वी), Glassy = shiny, clear (चमकीला), Unwinking = not blinking, steady (बिना पलक झपकाए), Gaze = stare, look intently (गहरी नजर), Pretended = fake, simulated (बनावटी),

Struck = hit, attacked (मारा) , Neatly = cleanly, precisely (सटीक रूप से), Darted = rushed, sprinted (तेजी से दौड़ना), Hurled = threw, flung (फेंका), Collide = crash into, bump into (टकराना),

Shrieking = screaming, screeching (चीखते हुए), Insults = offenses, slights (अपमान), Glistened = shone, sparkled (चमकना), Dived = plunged, swooped (डुबकी लगाना) , Safety = protection, security (सुरक्षा)  

Class 6 Chapter The Banyan Tree Word Meaning English Page No.- 97

Round = turn, sequence (दौर), Dramatic = striking, notable (नाटकीय), Determined = resolute, committed (दृढ़ निश्चयी), Proceedings = events, activities (प्रक्रिया), Dived = plunged, swooped (डुबकी लगाना) , Perch = rest, alight (आलिंगन) , Whipped = moved quickly, lashed (झटका) ,

Snout = nose, muzzle (नाक) , Thudding = heavy sound, dull noise (भारी आवाज़) , Flung = threw, tossed (फेंका), Fluttered = flapped, waved (पंख फड़फड़ाना), Lay = rested, reclined (लेटा हुआ), Remained = stayed, persisted (रहा)  

Honeysuckle Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.- 98

Interfere = intervene, meddle (हस्तक्षेप करना), Weakening = becoming weaker, fading (कमजोर हो रहा), Lightning = very fast, quick (तेज़), Snap = quick bite, sudden grip (झटक), Writhed = twisted, contorted (मरोड़ना), Lashed = struck, thrashed (मारना),

Coiled = wrapped, curled (लपेटना), Avail = benefit, use (लाभ), Grimly = determinedly, firmly (दृढ़ता से), Quivering = trembling, shaking (कांपता हुआ), Gripped = held tightly, grasped (कस के पकड़ना) ,

Bushes = shrubs, small plants (झाड़ियां), Cautiously = carefully, warily (सतर्कता से), Hopped = jumped, bounded (उछलना), Peered = looked closely, examined (झांकना), Shrill = high-pitched, piercing (तीक्ष्ण)