Hard Words : Lost Spring Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | Flamingo | Class 12 | 2023-24 Updated

By | September 27, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Lost Spring. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Lost Spring Word Meanings from Flamingo Class 12.”

Hard Words :  Lost Spring Page No.- 13

Scrounging = searching, rummaging (तलाशना), Encounter = meet, come across (मुलाकात होना), Neighbourhood = locality, area (पड़ोस), Memory = recollection, remembrance (याद),

Storms = tempest, weather (तूफान), Mutter = murmur, whisper (बड़बड़ाना), Glibly = easily, fluently (धाराप्रवाह), Hollow = empty, void (खोखला), Advice = suggestion, guidance (सलाह)  

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Lost Spring Difficult Words in English Page No.- 14

Embarrassed = ashamed, self-conscious (शरमिंदा), Bleak = desolate, grim (सुनसान), Announces = declares, states (घोषित करना), Universe = cosmos, world (ब्रह्मांड), Roams = wanders, meanders (घूमना), Barefoot = without shoes, unshod (नंगे पाँव),

Recognise = identify, know (पहचानना), Shelf = rack, ledge (अलमारी की खिड़की), Tradition = custom, practice (परंपरा), Excuse = justification, reason (बहाना), Perpetual = continuous, everlasting (शाश्वत)  

English Difficult Words of the Lesson Lost Spring Class 12 Page No.- 15

Desolation = emptiness, bleakness (सुनापन), Backyard = rear area, back space (पिछवाड़ा), Panting = gasping, puffing (सांस फूलना), Goddess = deity, divine (देवी), Acquaintance = knowledge, familiarity (परिचितता), Periphery = edge, boundary (सीमा),

Metaphorically = symbolically, figuratively (रूपक रूप में), Squatters = settlers, occupiers (अवैध बसेरा करने वाले), Wilderness = wasteland, barren (जंगल), Tarpaulin = waterproof sheet, covering (टारपोलिन), Sewage = waste, effluent (सीवेज), Drainage = outflow, runoff (नाली सिस्टम),

Identity = recognition, persona (पहचान) , Survival = existence, life (अस्तित्व), Tattered = torn, ragged (फटा हुआ) , Transit = movement, shift (अस्थायी), Proportions = scale, size (आयाम), Scrounging = searching, seeking (तलाशना), Elders = seniors, aged (बुजुर्ग), Fenced = enclosed, barricaded (बाड़ लगा हुआ)  

Class 12 Flamingo Lost Spring Word Meaning in English Page No.- 16

Inside = within, interior (अंदर), Gatekeeper = guard, watchman (चौकीदार), Swing = playground seat, pendulum seat (झूला), Discoloured = faded, stained (रंग उतरा हुआ), Discarded = thrown away, cast off (फेंका हुआ), Barefoot = without shoes, unshod (नंगे पैर),

Intently = closely, keenly (ध्यानपूर्वक), Booth = stall, kiosk (बूथ), Canister = container, tin (डिब्बा), Carefree = untroubled, relaxed (चिंता-मुक्त), Master = owner, leader (स्वामी), Mechanic = technician, repairman (मैकेनिक), Mirage = illusion, optical illusion (मृगमरीचिका),

Bangles = bracelets, ornaments (चूड़ी), Engaged = involved, occupied (लगे हुए), Famous = well-known, renowned (प्रसिद्ध), Industry = business, sector (उद्योग), Looms = appears, emerges (उभरता है)

Chapter 2 Lost Spring English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 17

Generations = eras, age groups (पीढ़ी), Furnaces = ovens, heaters (भट्टी), Welding = joining, fusing (जोड़ना), Dingy = dark, gloomy (मैला), Slog = work hard, toil (मेहनत करना), Beam = shine, glow (चमक), Stinking = smelly, foul-smelling (बदबूदार), Hovels = shacks, small houses (कुटिया),

Crumbling = breaking down, deteriorating (टूटता हुआ), Primeval = ancient, primitive (प्राचीन), Thatched = covered, roofed (छप्पर), Sizzling = frying, crackling (करारा), Frail = weak, delicate (नाजुक), Veil = cover, mask (घूंघट), Impoverished = poor, destitute (गरीब),

Renovate = restore, refurbish (नवीनीकरण), Destiny = fate, future (भाग्य), Lineage = ancestry, descent (वंशावली), Spirals = coils, twists (घुमावदार)  

Class 12 English Lost Spring Word Meaning English Page No.- 18

Unkempt = Messy, Disheveled (असजा हुआ), Handcarts = Trolleys, Pushcarts (ठेला), Shanty = Hut, Shack (झोंपड़ी), Hutments = Huts, Dwellings (झोंपड़ीयाँ), Flickering = Glinting, Flashing (झिलमिलाती), Welding = Joining, Bonding (जोड़ना), Eyesight = Vision, Sight (दृष्टि),

Sanctity = Purity, Holiness (पवित्रता), Suhaag = Marital, Wedded (सुहाग), Auspiciousness = Luck, Blessing (शुभता), Veil = Scarf, Cover (घूंघट), Lament = Mourn, Grieve (विलाप), Initiative = Drive, Effort (पहल),

Cooperative = Joint, Shared (सहकारी), Vicious circle = Loop, Cycle (अनंत चक्र), Middlemen = Brokers, Agents (दलाल), Forefathers = Ancestors, Elders (पूर्वज)  

Lost Spring Lesson Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.- 19

Hauled up = Dragged, Pulled (खींचकर लाना), Illegal = Unlawful, Forbidden (अवैध), Spiral = Coil, Helix (घुमावदार), Poverty = Destitution, Neediness (गरीबी),

Apathy = Indifference, Disinterest (उदासीनता), Greed = Avarice, Covetousness (लालच), Injustice = Unfairness, Wrongdoing (अन्याय),

Stigma = Disgrace, Shame (कलंक), Sahukars = Moneylenders, Creditors (साहुकार), Middlemen = Intermediaries, Brokers (दलाल), Bureaucrats = Officials, Administrators (नौकरशाह), Baggage = Burden, Load (बोझ), Dare = Challenge, Brave (साहस करना),

Mechanic = Repairman, Technician (मैकेनिक), Garage = Workshop, Carport (गैराज), Embarrassment = Discomfort, Shame (शरम), Regret = Remorse, Sorrow (पछतावा), Murmur = Whisper, Mumble (गुनगुनाहट), Hurtling = Speeding, Racing (तेजी से चलना)