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By | September 29, 2023
Hard Words Going Places Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Going Places. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Going Places Word Meanings from Flamingo Class 12.”

Hard Words :  Going Places Page No.- 77

Doubtful = Uncertain, Unsure (अनिश्चित), Manager = Supervisor, Leader (प्रबंधक), Earmarked = Designated, Reserved (आरक्षित), Melancholy = Sadness, Sorrow (उदासी), Natural = Innate talent, Gifted (स्वाभाविक प्रतिभा), Linking = Connecting, Joining (जोड़ना), Street = Road, Pathway (सड़क)  

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Going Places Difficult Words in English Page No.- 78

Sophisticated = Cultured, Refined (सुसंस्कृत), Incongruity = Mismatch, Inconsistency (अनुपटता), Apprentice = Learner, Trainee (शिक्षार्थी), Tinkering = Adjusting, Fiddling (मरम्मत करना), Vest = Sleeveless garment, Undershirt (बनियान), Stooped = Bent over, Hunched (झुका हुआ),

Cluttered = Messy, Crowded (गड़बड़), Grimy = Dirty, Soiled (मैला) , Delicate = Fragile, Dainty (नाजुक), Blacked = Darkened, Obscured (अंधकारित), Jealous = Envious, Covetous (ईर्ष्यालु), Tightening = Constricting, Squeezing (कसना), Crooked = Bent, Twisted (टेढ़ा), Bow = Knot, Tie (बाँधना)  

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Going Places Page No.- 79

Fascination = Attraction, Interest (आकर्षण), Exotic = Foreign, Unusual (विदेशी), Affections = Feelings, Fondness (स्नेह), Forbade = Prohibited, Banned (मना किया), Impatient = Eager, Restless (अधीर), Conscious = Aware, Mindful (जागरूक), Instinctively = Naturally, Automatically (सहजता से),

Applause = Clapping, Approval (तालियाँ), Component = Part, Element (घटक), Abruptly = Suddenly, Unexpectedly (अचानक), Arcade = Shopping area, Covered walkway (आर्केड), Chastened = Humble, Corrected (शीतल), Unawareness = Ignorance, Obliviousness (अज्ञानता)  

Flamingo Chapter 8 Going Places English Difficult Words Page No.- 80

Gentle = Kind, Soft (कोमल), Shiny = Bright, Gleaming (चमकीला), Grunt = Groan, Mumble (गर्जन), Disdain = Scorn, Contempt (तिरस्कार), Reverently = Respectfully, Humbly (श्रद्धापूर्वक), Distractions = Diversions, Interruptions (विघ्न), Youngster = Youth, Juvenile (युवक),

Ability = Talent, Skill (क्षमता, Grimaced = Frowned, Scowled (मुँह बनाना), Inaudible = Silent, Mute (अश्रवणीय), Arcade = Gallery, Mall (आर्केड)

Flamingo Chapter Going Places Word Meaning in English Page No.- 81

Aggressively = Forcefully, Assertively (आक्रामकता से), Squad = Team, Group (दल), Prodigy = Whiz, Genius (प्रतिभाशाली), Jeered = Mocked, Scoffed (हंसी उड़ाना), Quiet = Silent, Hushed (शांत),

Surprised = Astonished, Amazed (आश्चर्यचकित), Accent = Pronunciation, Inflection (उच्चारण), Autograph = Signature, Handwriting (हस्ताक्षर), Lonely = Alone, Solitary (अकेला)

English To English Word Meaning of the Lesson Going Places Page No.- 82

Pilgrimage = journey, expedition (तीर्थयात्रा), Goal = target, objective (लक्ष्य), Mates = friends, buddies (दोस्त), Blend = mix, combination (मिश्रण), Innocence = naivety, purity (मासूमियत), Genius = brilliance, exceptional talent (प्रतिभा), Defenders = protectors, guards (रक्षक),

Penalty area = foul zone, restricted area (दंड क्षेत्र), Goalkeeper = goalie, keeper (गोलकीपर), Ecstatic = overjoyed, thrilled (उत्साहित), Inquisition = investigation, interrogation (जाँच),

Startled = surprised, shocked (चौंका हुआ), Frowned = scowled, glared (भौंह चढ़ाना) , Gawky = clumsy, awkward (बेढंगा)  

Class 12 Going Places Word Meaning English Page No.- 83

Neighbourhood = community, locality (मोहल्ला), Sacred = holy, revered (पवित्र), Secret = confidential, hidden (गुप्त), Row = argument, dispute (विवाद), Chuffed = pleased, delighted (खुश), Misery = unhappiness, distress (दुःख), Queues = lines, sequences (कतारें), Trust = confidence, reliance (विश्वास),

Canal = waterway, channel (नहर), Sheltered = protected, shielded (सुरक्षित), Glare = bright light, shine (चमक), Wharf = dock, quay (गोदी), Drone = hum, buzz (गुंजन) , Muffled = subdued, muted (दबाया हुआ),

Solitary = alone, secluded (अकेला), Observed = watched, noticed (देखा गया), Excitement = thrill, enthusiasm (उत्तेजना), Elapsed = passed, gone by (बीता हुआ)  

Flamingo Class 12 Going Places Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.- 84

Wishing = hoping, desiring (इच्छा करना), Sensing = feeling, detecting (महसूस करना), Pangs = sharp pains, twinges (तीव्र पीड़ा), Despondent = disheartened, discouraged (निराश), Resignation = acceptance, submission (इस्तीफा), Burden = load, weight (बोझ), Envisage = foresee, imagine (कल्पना करना),

Disappointed = let down, displeased (निराश), Crumbling = breaking down, decaying (गिरना), Freckled = spotted, marked (धब्बेदार), Exposing = revealing, uncovering (प्रकट करना), Gaps = spaces, openings (खाली जगहें), Propped = supported, held up (सहारा देना),

Reddening = turning red, blushing (लाल होना), Signing = writing, autographing (हस्ताक्षर करना), Level = height, position (स्तर) , Shyly = timidly, bashfully (शरमाते हुए), Straight = directly, without bending (सीधा)

Word Meaning English to Hindi of the Lesson 8 Class 12 Going Places Page No.- 85

Shimmer = glisten, sparkle (चमकना), Gazelle = a type of antelope, swift animal (गज़ेल), Breathless = panting, winded (सांस फूलना), Melodious = musical, tuneful (सुरीला), Prodigy = genius, marvel (प्रतिभाशाली), Innocent = guiltless, blameless (मासूम),

Lumbering = moving clumsily, plodding (बेढंगा), Defenders = protectors, guards (रक्षक), Hovered = floated, hung (मंडलाना),Explosion = burst, blast (विस्फोट), Crisply = sharply, clearly (कुरकुरा),

Thunderous = very loud, roaring (गरज), Eruption = outburst, burst (विस्फोटन), Exultant = jubilant, triumphant (उत्साहित), Approbation = approval, praise (प्रशंसा)