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By | September 28, 2023
Hard Words Deep Water Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Deep Water. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Deep Water Word Meanings from Flamingo Class 12.”

Hard Words : Deep Water Page No.-  23

Treacherous = deceptive, unsafe (धोखाधड़ीपूर्ण), Continually = regularly, often (निरंतर), Drowning = submerging, sinking (डूबना), Shallow = not deep, superficial (उत्तल), Gradual = slow, steady (धीरे-धीरे), Hated = loathed, disliked (घृणित), Decided = resolved, determined (निर्णय लिया),

Swim = paddle, float (तैरना), Opportunity = chance, occasion (अवसर), Warned = alerted, cautioned (चेतावनी दी), Details = specifics, particulars (विवरण), Deep = profound, intense (गहरा), Drop = decline, reduction (गिरावट), Pair = duo, couple (जोड़ा)  

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Deep Water Difficult Words in English Page No.-  25

Skinny = thin, slender (दुबला), Aversion = dislike, distaste (घृणा) , Surf = wave, tide (लहर), Knocked = pushed, hit (धक्का दिया), Frightened = scared, terrified (डरा हुआ), Terror = extreme fear, horror (आतंक), Revived = restored, renewed (पुनः जागरूक किया),

Paddled = swam, splashed (पैर मारकर तैरना), Ducked = dipped, submerged (पानी में डूबना), Timid = shy, hesitant (डरपोक), Subdued = controlled, suppressed (वशीभूत), Pride = ego, self-respect (अभिमान), Buried = covered, engulfed (दबा हुआ), Overpowering = overwhelming, too intense (अत्यधिक), Revived = brought back, restored (पुनर्जीवित), Unpleasant = disagreeable, displeasing (अप्रिय),

Paddled = swam, splashed (पैर मारकर तैरना), Aping = imitating, copying (नकल करना), Timid = shy, hesitant (डरपोक), Bruiser = bully, strong person (बलवान), Rippling = wavy, fluttering (लहराता हुआ), Summoned = called upon, mustered (बुलाया)  

Flamingo Deep Water Class 12 Good Word Meaning Page No.-  26

Tinge = shade, hue (रंग), Panicky = scared, anxious (घबराया हुआ), Flailed = waved, swung wildly (बेतरतीब हलना), Paralysed = immobilized, unable to move (स्थिर), Irresistible = unavoidable, compelling (अप्रतिरोध्य), Throbbed = pulsed, beat (धड़कना), Strategy = plan, method (रणनीति),

Sheer = complete, utter (पूरा), Stark = complete, sheer (अधिक), Seized = overtook, captured (पकड़ लिया), Reason = logic, rationality (तर्क), Tiles = pieces of ceramic material (टाइल्स), Ladders = steps, climbing device (सीढ़ी), Dirty = unclean, soiled (मैला),

Clutched = grasped, held tightly (कसकर पकड़ना), Flail = thrash, wave (हाथ पैर मारना), Choked = blocked, strangled (घुटना), Rigid = stiff, inflexible (कठोर),

Throbbed = pulsated, beat rapidly (धड़कना), Endlessly = without end, continually (निरंतर), Glow = shine, light (चमक), Seized = grabbed, took hold (ज़ब्त कर लिया), Frozen = immobile, halted (जम जाना), Midst = middle, center (मध्य), Trembled = shivered, quaked (कांपना), Fright = fear, terror (डर)

English Difficult Words of the Lesson Deep Water Page No.-  27

Strangely = oddly, unusually (अजीब तरह से), Awful = terrible, bad (भयानक), Drowsy = sleepy, tired (निदाल), Oblivion = forgetfulness, unawareness (विस्मृति), Vomiting = expelling, throwing up (उल्टी करना), Haunting = persistent, nagging (सतानेवाला),

Exertion = effort, strain (मेहनत), Wobbly = shaky, unsteady (डगमगाता हुआ), Avoided = dodged, evaded (तालना), Wading = paddling, walking (पानी में चलना), Seized = grabbed, took (पकड़ लेना),

Possession = control, hold (कब्जा), Paralysed = frozen, immobile (सुन्न), Icy = cold, chilling (हिमशीतल), Horror = fear, terror (डर), Handicap = barrier, obstacle (बाधा)  

Deep Water Word Meaning in English Page No.-  28

Haunting = persistent, lingering (भूतहा), Overcome = conquer, defeat (परास्त करना), Practiced = trained, exercised (अभ्यस्त), Attached = connected, joined (जोड़ा हुआ), Overhead = above, atop (ऊपर), Tension = stress, strain (तनाव), Relaxed = eased, calm (आरामदायक),

Exercise = workout, activity (व्यायाम), Integrated = combined, united (एकीकृत), Stroke = movement, action (आघात), Length = distance, extent (लंबाई), Satisfied = content, pleased (संतुष्ट), Terror = extreme fear, horror (आतंक), Vestiges = remnants, traces (अवशेष)

Deep Water Lesson 3 English To English Word Meaning Page No.-  29

Wentworth = location, place (वेंटवर्थ), Dock = platform, wharf (डॉक), Crawl = slow movement, creep (घुसरना), Bottomless = infinite, endless (असीम), Residual = remaining, leftover (शेष), Meadows = grasslands, fields (मैडो), Glacier = ice mass, iceberg (हिमनद),

Camp = temporary shelter, site (शिविर), Shore = coastline, beach (तट), Echo = reflected sound, reverberation (गूंज), Conquered = defeated, overcome (जीतना), Appreciate = recognize, value (प्रशंसा करना), Intensity = strength, force (तीव्रता), Released = freed, liberated (मुक्त), Peaks = mountain tops, summits (चोटियां)