Gap Filling Exercises for class 9 & 10 (Solved) Exercise – 113 & 114

By | August 10, 2020

Following are the exercises of open cloze passage and gap filling.  These grammar exercises for class 9 and 10 are based on English modals exercises, verbs exercises, grammar tense exercises, modal auxiliary, simple past and other tense exercises. These gap fillers for beginners and cloze test will help you in first certificate in English (FCE). The following esl form filling exercises are specially designed for class IX and X. A printable version in PDF form is also available at the bottom of each exercise.


Choose the most appropriate option from the ones given below to complete the following passage.                                                                                                                    

The rag pickers of India (i)………..   a pitiable sight. It is poverty that goods them (ii) ……….  resort to rag-picking. Day in and day out they may be seen on the roads, the lanes and the bylanes of (iii) ………. city (iv) ……… looking for cost (v) …………..  clothes or something else showy or shoddy that (vi) ………..  sell.

(i)(a) present               (b) presents               (c) presented                (d) presenting

(ii) (a) so                      (b) to                            (c) towards                    (d) on

(iii) (a) an                    (b) the                          (c) a                                  (d) any

(iv) (a) and                  (b) for                           (c) or                               (d) but

 (v) (a) down              (b) up                            (c) of                                (d) off

(vi) (a) shall               (b) will                          (c) can                              (d) may


(i) a                  (ii) b                   

(iii) c                  (iv) c                 

(v) d                  (vi) b

Download the above gap filling Exercise in PDF (Printable)


Complete the passage with suitable Determiners, Conjunctions, Non-finite Prepositions, Modals, Relatives and Tense forms.

Death is the inevitable end (a)………. life. It is not (b)………… curse, rather, it is a part of the natural cycle (c)………… life. Though we grieve and regret the passing away (d) ………..a near and dear one, yet we know that it is natural and common to (e)………… living beings. It is because we are aware of our mortality that we enjoy life to (f)……….. fullest, while it lasts.


(a) of

(b) a

(c) of

(d) of

(e) all

(I) the

Download the above gap filling Exercise in PDF (Printable)



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