Evans Tries an O-Level- Theme & Title

By | July 15, 2023
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Evans Tries an O-Level

                                        ByColin Dexter

Theme / Central Idea of the Lesson. Analysis of Evans Tries an O-Level

The theme of the story ‘Evans Tries an O Level’ is a clever escape planned by a convict on the pretence of taking a language exam in prison. The convict even after being caught, still has the last laugh and makes his escape.

The story also brings to light the fact that one should not underestimate one’s opponent. The police officers were thorough in their preparations but they underestimated Evans and his power to give them the slip

Theme (2) of Evans Tries an O-Level:

This is a detective fiction dealing with the account of the jailbreak by Evans, a criminal, who was an expert in mg from prison. The story deals with his smartness, foresight and planning his escape. With his meticulous planning and keen observation, Evans outsmarts the prison authorities. The story deals with the clever escape Evans and the Governor’s pursuit to catch him. Evans, with his ready wit and charm, proves at the end that things are not what they seem to be’ and we should not jump to the conclusions hastily.

Justify the title of Evans Tries an O-Level

The term `O-Level’ in the story refers to the basic test. This examination is at the centre of Evans’ successful escape. It is in the guise of taking the 0-level exam in German that Evans plans and executes his escape successfully. Conducting the 0-level examination by the prison authorities gave Evans the chance to make a successful exit from the prison. It is also the question paper of this examination that helped the Governor track Evans at the Golden Lion from where Evans makes his final successful escape by fooling the Governor.

It is a hint at the preparations that Evans had taken to make his escape successful. The title is appropriate.

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