Evans Tries an O-Level- Nutshell of the Story

By | July 15, 2023
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Evans Tries an O-Level

                                        By–Colin Dexter


Precautions taken to prevent Evans’ escape during the

1.Evans in a solitary room – incommunicado.

2.Cell checked.

3. Nail file and scissors taken out.

4. A priest as an invigilator.

5. McLerry’s bag checked. Pen knifewas taken away.

6. Initially guard in the cell. Later when outside, checking on Evans after every minute or two minutes.

7. Cell bugged and letting Evans see it so there would be no attempt to escape.

8. All messages or phone calls to go via the Governor.

9. Well guarded with all officers on alert; two locked doors between Evans’ cell and the yard, which had a high wall.

 Mistakes made by the Prison Authorities

Despite knowing that Evans was always breaking out of jail and although they suspected he would try to break out again, the prison authorities still made many mistakes.

  1. The validity of the German tutor not checked.
  2. Evans allowed to sit for an exam knowing he wasn’t academically inclined and not checking whether he had learnt any German at all.
  3. Letting Evans see the name of the invigilator on the form.
  4. Jackson’s mistakes:

(i) Not taking more precautions in verifying the invigilator’s identity despite knowing Evans knew his name.

(ii) Letting Evans wear the cap for good luck.

(iii) Allowing McLeery to take the rubber tube inside.

5.Stephen’s Mistakes:

(i) Not going into the cell despite seeing that Evans was just sitting there not writing at all.

(ii) Not verifying the Governor’s phone call.

(iii) Despite seeing that McLeery looked slimmer while going out, not checking him.

6. Governor’s mistakes:

(i) Appointing Stephens, a new guard, to guard Evans.

 (ii) Allowing Stephens to move out of the cell when Evans protested.

 (iii) Letting Evans know that the cell was bugged.

(iv) Letting the Examination Board phone call go through without verifying its authenticity.

 (v) Letting Evans wear a blanket.

(vi) Knew how shrewd Evans was but believing he had left the correction paper behind by mistake and believing the information in it.

 (vii) Calling for the police,not the ambulance.

(viii) In the end, letting Evans escape a second time in a van without verifying the guards despite knowing how conniving Evans was.

7.Everyone just accepted Stephens’ belief that the man in the cell was McLeery as he was bleeding and did not check his wounds.

8.Getting fooled by Evans pretending to be McLeery although everyone knew Evans was a good mimic.

 Reasons for Evans’ Success

1.A very well thought out innovative plan which was brilliantly conceived and excellently executed:

 (i) Knew no one would stop him from studying or taking an exam so used that as an excuse.

 (ii) Took time to implement the plan; no hurry.

 (iii) Every aspect of the plan made foolproof — clothes being brought in, call for correction, blood in the tube.

(iv) Did not do the obvious- escape during recreation.

2.His own character:

3.An excellent judge of people and knew how to deal with them:

(i) Played on Jackson’s compassion — cap

(ii) Used Stephen’s ego — walk McLeery to gate

 (iii) Knew Governor was fair — asked Stephens to go out; even permission for the exam.

(iv) Understood how people took things for granted — would believe a bleeding man would be McLeery,not Evans — no checking done of tutor or invigilator.

 (v) Knew everyone would be too flustered to check the wounded man’s injuries.

  1. Good mimic — Scottish accent.
  2. Presence of mind — using a blanket to change.
  3. Had self-control — even when Jackson baited him.
  4. Alert — saw invigilator’s name.
  5. Good supportive friends.
  6. Earlier experience in jail and at escaping.

Reasons for Readers Support of Evans

  1. Not evil; harmed no one; likeable; good humoured.
  2. Underdog; so sympathy with him.
  3. Excellent plan; deserved to win; too many mistakes made by authorities.
  4. Admire one man making the authorities look foolish.
  5. When caught took his defeat supporting.

 Governor’s Character

  1. Good; allowed Evans to sit for the exam.
  2. Cautions; took all safety measures.
  3. Fair, despite misgivings, complied with Evans requests
  4. Intelligent; understood he had been duped.
  5. Simple; didn’t realize the extent of the deception.
  6. Gullible; as Evans fools him again at the end.

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